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Dedicated Server with a existing game world


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Hey Guys,


right now we are using a client server for playing 7 days to die in multiplayer. But for the future we want to play with a dedicated Server to be independent of the client Host. Is there a possibility to start a dedicated server with our current savegame that includes the Player informations etc.?


I know how to start a dedicated Server, but i have no Idea how to start it with our Savegame.


Thanks! I hope my english is good enough.

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There is a save directory (and a directory for the generated worlds) you can find out through the launcher. You need this save directory and you need a serverconfig.xml where you put in everything (especially the values that make up the games seed) exactly like you had it in the game as well. You can also specify exactly where the game can find the save game.


Use a log file of your old game to check or find out some of the parameters i you can't find the value anywhere else.


You don't need to copy the world files, but it is advantageous: There might be some small discrepancies in the world generation if your server is without graphics card (i.e. headless). And regenerating the world costs more time than copying. You can also specify in serverconfig.xml where the server should look for the world.


You probably will forget some details, so keep a backup of everything, copy over, test, look in the servers logfile what happens, find the discrepancies (i.e. the server looks for stuff somewhere unexpected or thinks he uses a different seed). Then reset the data from backup, correct the mistake, try again. Until it works

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