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  1. I have a dedicated server running War3zUK mod with additional mods and prefabs - Join beee.online:26900 16K Map Double XP Double Skill Points Per Level Custom Prefabs Custom Vehicles Waypoints For Fast Travel... ...and much more You can download the mods used on the server in a single pack here https://herogaming.co.uk/7-days-to-die-server/
  2. On this server you have only one life. When you die, you die. All your save data is wiped, so when you join again, you will be back at the beginning... how long can you SURVIVE?? When you die, you will be added to the ranking system and to see your results type "/score" in chat. I'm open to any suggestions. Either post here or let me know in-game what you would like to see and any changes you may want. The map is a map of the UK and the server is also located in the UK. Find where you live and make yourself a new home! More information & downloads here Join
  3. MrBeee

    Server Tools

    It turns out from 18.1.4 to 18.1.5 there was a variable added to the XML file for permissions, and I missed it. All good now though. Has anyone tried the hardcore mode in the new 18.1.6 version though? I have set it to 1 life, but it's not resetting players stats after they die, they just respawn as normal (to the game, not the mod).
  4. MrBeee

    Server Tools

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong here, please. Basically, my custom chat commands are telling people that they don't have permission to use these commands. They're working fine for me, but as an admin, that's no surprise.
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