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Announcement A18.2 b5 goes EXP


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Alpha 18.2 b5 will be on EXP soon!


With this version we introduced:

1. a fix for our users running AMD HD 5000 & 6000 cards

2. a new option (terrain quality) that will allow players to gain FPS


For feedback and balancing suggestions, please go to our feedback thread.


For ideas outside of balancing please visit our dev diary.


For any bug reports and the latest known issues please visit our bug report thread.


Enjoy your your long weekend!



Here is what changed since A18.2 b2:



  • Command aliases "food", "hungry" for "starve" and "water" for "thirsty"
  • Zombie dogs to the burnt forest
  • Terrain Quality video option




  • Updated burnt forest texture
  • Knivesnow cause bleeding on every hit
  • PerkDeepCuts further increases the max bleeding stacks and adds a run speed debuff to bleeding
  • ResourceElectricParts are no longer craftable
  • Lockpicks are not consumed on successful lockpicking.
  • Cheesecake now grants 5% better prices when buying
  • Fetch-only quests have lower rewards
  • Blood moon spawner ignores bedrolls
  • Improved blood moon spawner temp path grid position




  • Initial loading of sounds from mod bundles can cause lag
  • Vultures fall through the world when killed high in the sky
  • Bulltproofplate makes farm plots transparent when touching the plot box
  • Pistols with a full auto trigger have sound issues
  • Schematic and food recipe sounds are played for everyone to hear
  • Torch candle dupe by placing and quickly hitting drop key.
  • Chainsaw and auger not giving xp on zombie kills
  • Scopes have a red tint instead of green when wearing night vision goggles
  • IndexOutOfRangeException when copying block shape while using multiblocks.
  • Removed unneeded debug message for shape menu.
  • Apply options NRE in PrefabLODManager UpdateMaterials
  • Chili dogs do not return an empty can on eating
  • Moldy Bread recipe missing from Chem Lab list
  • Dirt and Topsoil localization says it is from the creative menu
  • Cement mixer localization mentions fertilizer
  • Several items have unintended high crafting times
  • Blurry vision does not apply when using scopes
  • Deprecated insulator item removed and from trader
  • Fixed with issue with silenced fire on automatic weapons
  • Cached map view persists between different servers with the same world a player connects to
  • Admin star is only seen on own player name when host, not when client
  • Starve command was broken
  • Reading a book from toolbelt gives 100 xp, but not the same from backpack.
  • Unknown loot_quality_templates threw an error on loading
  • Forge max crafting will only allow 80% of available smelted resources.
  • Living off the land lvl 3 was not working correctly.
  • Shotgun particles replaying after fast weapon switching.
  • AMD HD 5000 & 6000 series render ground horribly
  • CustomIconTint did not apply to icons that are in the shape selector menu.
  • Multiple turrets made constant reload sound
  • Bunch of blocks caused errors in the prefab editor
  • There was no hunting game in the burnt forest
  • Mushrooms can be planted almost anywhere
  • Typo in level 1 of electrocution er
  • "Basics of electricity" is not in the loot table
  • Battery bank unlock info is incorrect
  • Localization end table lamp
  • Reaper icon no longer stays with you on max level
  • Player dying during blood moon can stop blood moon spawns
  • Players can break blood moon spawn for entire server
  • Distant terrain brightness flickering when reflection probes updated when player moved
  • Improved reflection probe fade out range
  • Distant terrain looks white with half or lower texture quality
  • The silencer no longer blocks ADS on a pistol

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