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Announcement A18.2 b2 goes EXP


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Happy Weekend!


Alpha 18.2 b2 will be on EXP soon!


We introduced a cap for max xp required for next level.

If you are beyond level 60, it will take effect once you hit a level up.


For feedback and balancing suggestions, please go to our feedback thread.


For ideas outside of balancing please visit our dev diary.


For any bug reports and the latest known issues please visit our bug report thread.


Enjoy your weekend everybody!



Here is what changed since A18.1 b8:




  • Create a function to lock xp amount required to a specific amount at a certain level
  • Spear should drop to the ground when a player corpse despawns
  • Several deco blocks to metal fence/furniture blocks





  • Burnt forest sky and fog visuals are more pleasing
  • Increased value/cost of Grandpa's Learn'n Exiler
  • Reduced stack size on some ammo quest rewards
  • Faster crafting time on the topsoil block and hobo stew
  • Nerfed gas in loot
  • Sham chowder uses canned sham instead of sham sandwiches
  • ModGunShotgunTubeExtenderMagazine has no random range
  • ModGunRodAndSpring reduced to +15% and added missing effect that the description claimed
  • Stun effects from shotguns do not cause a cooldown on the target
  • Shotgun slugs count as AP rounds
  • 30s drink buffs increased to 45s duration
  • ArmorSteelSetParts and armorMilitarySetParts can drop along with clothes
  • Increased LockPickBreakChance by 10%
  • Bundles/pallets of items renamed to "stacks" for consistency
  • Increased the stack size of bullet tips, casings, buckshot, paper
  • Shotguns cause a short stun by default and the perk increases it's duration instead of the chance to occur.
  • Increased spread and damage of shotguns at short range and efficiency against packs of zombies. At their max range of 10m the damage is zero.
  • Slightly more polymer in loot and from destroying trash piles
  • Stuns do not lower a player's melee attack speed
  • Increased the damage on the primitive bow
  • Bathtub filled with gore drops more rotting flesh
  • Block material on torches/candles does not cause a loud crash sound on destruction
  • DeskLampLight should harvest brass
  • Several small loot piles have duplicate or overly loud looting sounds
  • SMG do the same damage as pistols
  • Increased drop rate for Handgun items at higher GS where the bucket needs to be larger to cover both SMG and magnum
  • Increased drop chance of T3 item parts where the T2 item does not scrap into T3 parts, such as with clubs
  • Zombie animals drop the same amount as rotten flesh as a live ones drops meat
  • PerkLivingOffTheLand reduces the cost of crafting farm plots
  • Sham recipe now creates 5 cans of sham at a time but requires more ingredients and acid
  • PerkYeahScience lets you craft gunpowder, glue, aloe cream, gas and oil with fewer resources




  • Hide paging buttons when not needed.
  • Iron and steel spear show too bright in the dark.
  • Unity crash when hitting Esc in prefab editor containing pumpkins
  • Zombies can disable vehicles too fast
  • You can ride the bike in turbo mode with no stamina
  • Added asphalt recipe back in
  • Pumpkin recipes are not in loot
  • Warning about xuiwater
  • Inconsistent harvest on old suitcase
  • ArmorSteelHelmet missing from loot list
  • Wrong stack size on resourceLockPickBundle/recipe
  • Reading pumpkin recipes does not unlock
  • Lucky Goggles use A17 scaling and are too strong compared to the perk
  • Power attacks will break stealth erratically and may play duplicate sounds. Sneaking now prevents all power attack grunts.
  • MeleeKnucklesSteelParts missing in loot
  • Primitive bow not automatically loading when equipped
  • TreeJuniper4m is invisible
  • Quest rewards past the initial 2 chosen rewards were not randomizing order correctly.
  • Desert sunset was too red
  • Animal HP decreases with game difficulty
  • Controller: Lights radial menu used left thumbstick, now uses right
  • Equipped clothing is not moddable.
  • Requirement HitLocation is not working on arrows and bolts
  • Dedi password is not remembered when using controller in big picture mode
  • Pressing ESC in the server password window causes the menus to break
  • Allowing ESC in server password window to cancel password input
  • Inventory radial skipped when on a vehicle and using a controller
  • Lockpicks only break within the last 25% of the LockPickTime.
  • Kill The Wabbit quest does not consider the double barrel shotgun

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