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Announcement A18.1 b7 goes stable


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Alpha 18.1 b7 is stable now!


For feedback and balancing suggestions, please go to our feedback thread.


For ideas outside of balancing please visit our dev diary.


For any bug reports and the latest known issues please visit our bug report thread.


Find the A18.1 Release notes on our official website.


We hope you guys continue enjoy Alpha 18!



Here is what changed since A18 b155:



  • Settings for Blood Moon Frequency of 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 20 days
  • Settings for AI Block Damage and Loot Abundance of 33 and 67 percent
  • Settings for Blood Moon Count of 6 and 10 enemies
  • Customized club swing whoosh sounds
  • A chance screamer will not spawn
  • Video Texture Filter setting
  • UnloadUnusedAssets after we unload texture arrays
  • Lowest graphics preset and increased 6 of Low's settings
  • Tree Quality Lowest and increased quality for Low and Medium
  • Steel tools parts to traders



  • Melee swing audio source to one which isn't 150 meters.
  • Mining iron ore yields iron
  • Increased blood bag stack size
  • Eating glass is more efficient, generating a death penalty of 25%.
  • Mechanical parts and springs are not craftable
  • PerkBoomstick increases rate of fire up to 50%
  • Removed glass helper from loot
  • Removed empty chance from cntSodaFountain
  • Collapsed workstations drop their schematic 20% of the time
  • Combat shoveling reduced
  • Corrected and improved electrical devices journal entries
  • Updated quest ammo rewards with new ammo types
  • Nerfed trader medical loot rewards, and removed plaster casts as a reward item
  • Improved heat debug UI to update in realtime and show event count
  • Removed invisible random penalties from silencer mod
  • Land mine recipes are cheaper and rebalanced.
  • TorchHeatMap blocks to be seconds for HeatMapFrequency
  • Cooking ingredient bonus for perkMasterChef
  • Increase the benefits of The Art of Mining Vol 3
  • T5 clear and fetch/clear quests will have QL 6 items as a reward
  • PerkGreaseMonkey reduces cost of crafting vehicle parts, perkAdvancedEngineering reduces cost of crafting forge recipes, steel and electrical devices
  • Removed the blood draw kit is no longer used
  • Introduced stack limits to coolers, and end tables that players could craft and sell for a large profit



  • Only original quester can see the red dots of zombies for clear quests
  • If a player dies on a very steep incline the backpack can disappear
  • Knife power attack damage was too low due to the rate of attack change
  • Drawbridges take damage while being driven over
  • Shadow artifacts from some impact particles.
  • Out of position collider on ice cooler.
  • Pummel Pete does not include bats in description
  • Client to client complete clear quests.
  • Tapping "Alt" makes upgrading blocks crazy fast
  • Changed sleeper volume spawn definitions to be Ghost Town instead of Bad Ass in 11 different low tier POIs (Brad)
  • Typo in perkAdvancedEngineeringRank4LongDesc
  • Cleaned up stats, cost, naming, description, recipe for various garage doors
  • Minor exploit using campfire and wood block ( Starter Quest )
  • BlockTorchHeatMap heat inaccuracy by scaling heat by world time speed
  • Vehicle part crafting time aligned with vehicle assembly
  • Silenced M60 is as quiet as a pistol. Better noise scaling on silenced gunfire.
  • RWG preview tool localization
  • NRE when trying to reload a flashlight.
  • Controller zoom in and out function isn't working with scopes
  • Shadow artifacts on damage particles.
  • Demolition zombie's explosion is affected by claim strength.
  • NRE when server is shutdown via terminal
  • Client NRE when host or server exits game
  • Balancing and better descriptions for bullet penetration.
  • Too many journal unlocks delay the tutorial quest
  • Junk Turrets pushed through blocks if placed in a 1x1 hole
  • Health at 99/100 when starting a new game
  • Light Mod more expensive than Mining Helmet with light mod.
  • Going into prefab editor can cause grey textures in game
  • Having lots of craft ingredients causes lag when clicking on the recipe / reopening crafting screen
  • UI scale changes ingame do not update toolbelt message location
  • The world generation process does not apply rwgmixer.xml modlets
  • Lootstage ending in 9 seem to force loot quality to 1
  • Disabled dms on linux to prevent crash until Unity issue is fixed (Zack)
  • From the shadows perk has 2 typo's
  • Wrong header on perkArtOfMiningCoffeeDesc
  • Distant POIs become black on most surfaces
  • Knuckles only show in the right hand in MP and third person
  • Bolts appear to stick in air short of touching body
  • Another Junk Turret/Mod dupe
  • Auger (ranged looping items) playing the start sound repeatedly, which makes lots of heat
  • Playing a sound on an entity made heat at wrong position if origin not 0
  • Recipe max count is calculating incorrectly
  • Clients can pick up blocks at the traders while the host cannot.
  • Inventory screens used to exit containers open up their respective tab.
  • Display of blunderbuss / double barrel stats inconsistent with pumpgun
  • Inaccurate description on modGunShotgunTubeExtenderMagazine and stats on gunPumpShotgun
  • Unintended max range on pump shotgun max magazine capacity
  • Switching to an auger/chainsaw on the hotbar creates a heat event
  • Rebalanced harvesting "heat" after several code fixes. An auger with all the bells, whistles, and perks mining nonstop can barely call a screamer on its own. A steel pick can get up to 80%.
  • Incorrect mining journal and missing distribution of silver/gold/diamond blocks, includes balance of ore “areas”
  • Mined resources have erratic prices
  • Tracking does not reliably show animals.
  • Incorrect default logfile path on Linux dedi
  • Items that do not have a description


This is what changed from b6:


  • Incorrect default logfile path on Linux dedi
  • Items that do not have a description
  • Other player names no longer show above head in MP

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