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Quality of life changes and personal desires


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Hi hi, been playing this game for a number of years now and i feel like this game is lacking alot of quality of life things. Some are long standing gripes i've had with the game, some are more recent. I will warn you, this thread is pretty rantly and condecending im just passionate about this game and get upset when things don't get fixed.


A search bar for chests would be nice, its such a pain to open up a chest and scan through all the items if you're after just one thing, especially if you have multiple chests.


Bring back melee hit sfx, like how guns and bows work. You guys said you added new glancing blow sfx but honestly i can't tell if my weapon connected.


FIX SLEDGE HAMMER, no idea what happened this patch with this weapon but its honestly terrible to use, i can't tell if im even hitting zombies with it. And it seems to miss most power attacks on zombies despite it now being a swinging arc.


Different kinds of storage with different benifits. Why is the storage space of a wooden chest the same as a gun safe. Or any other type of storage. Maybe you could include a huge 2x2 vault with quaduple the amount of storage space so you can have all your crap in one place and give it an absurd amount of hit points, maybe 10k? Us pvp players need some love ;)


Better Generator banks, some of us play on pvp server and need our defences to stay up and running for 24-48 hours if we can't get on. Simple fix would be to increase the fuel tank size on the generator.


Remove crosshairs when you ads with a gun. It shouldn't need to take 5 seconds to become accurate with a marksman rifle after you ads with a scope. Also bullet tracers would be nice, i don't have a clue where my bullets are going half the time.


New animations, we've been running around like rigid stick men for years now, when are we going to look like people.


When are we getting Offical PvE and PvP servers, i feel like the game is really lacking both of these things. Single player is okie, for 30 hours or so, but by that point you've experienced everything the game has to offer.


Skill Builds. Why are skill builds a thing in an open world survival game, especially when intellect gates some very important schematics such as forge, cement mixer and even steel. So if you aren't intellect, what do you do? Pray you get the schematic randomly drop.

Ive heard the words replayability used, why would you grind hours of work for the same outcome, focusing stat points into one tree doesn't make the game feel any different, the focus of this game should be building a strong base to defend against hordes and other players thats what 7dtd has anways been. If you want new people to play the game for a long time then you need to introduce offical servers. This game doesn't have a story, its not an RPG so builds don't have a place in this game, sorry.


Land Claim. Nothing gives your base away faster than a dude riding a motor bike above your hidden underground base only for his bike to hit a slight change in the hills elevation and make the twang sound.

Im not sure how you could change it, maybe blocks placed by strangers have a red outline when in a LC when you look at them with the exception of dirt, don't want to make it too easy. And remove that ear splitting sound, its actually a gross sound.


Confirgurable Land Claim. Would be nice to hold E on a LCB to bring a GUI that would allow you to alter the height of the claims protection, currently it goes to build height and gives away your base when someone decides to hit a tree or the ground. Maybe you could feed steel into it to strengthen the protection multiplier or to expand the effected range, just a thought.


Fix leather dusters, you can't see the armour you're wearing when you have a duster on, its silly and its been a visual bug for a long time.



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Official servers: Why should they? There are hundreds of user-operated open servers around. They have practically no staff and infrastructure set up for doing this (server operators, payment facilities), their game would probably need a major overhaul to make it even marginally hardened against cheats (too much is done on the client AFAIK). There is a whole world of single players and private multiplayer servers out there you never get to see on the open server roster, lots of people who play the game far longer than 30 hours.


MM said they would put in some improvements for PvP players once the game is out. And that is stil at least a year away. You might prepare yourself for some waiting.


Skill builds: Text on the steam shop: "7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits!". It does say RGP, twice. A rudimentary story will be included in Navezgane, but probably the skill system IS the main reason they call it an RPG as well.

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