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TL;DR: Instead of permanent gains in skill, how about temporary, but long lasting "acclimation" to whatever weapon you're using? Giving something like 20% more effect at peak. (LBD: Learn By Doing, an old forum theme)


A little more detail via example:

You'll start at 0, you start swinging a club. After about three hits, you'll get your first pop-up, "Acclimation to clubs is increasing".

1% more damage

You'll kill half a dozen more zombies, you're up at 5-10%

Gains slow down a bit, but you'll get to max at a decent pace, in a day or two of questing, or so.


If you stop using clubs, you'll lose the gains at Acclimation over time. You'll start losing them after maybe a day of building, and they drop relatively rapidly. Maybe completely after a couple days of non-use.


At the basic, it could be just damage related, but could have stuns, bleeds and whatnots implemented.


Why? Well, a lot of us liked LBD, but it doesn't exactly work for everything. And to be honest, the full "going up slooowly" system isn't exactly suitable for the current direction of the game. Having skills that are just easily capped are also pointless.


Something like this would reward the consistent use of a weapon. Give a little popup every now and then to give that feeling of accomlishment. And it wouldn't be "in the way" of the current skill tree system (whatever I feel about it), you could still put your mining exp to boosting your clubs, but you would also be improved by using the thing every once in a while.


Sure, I'm kinda designing it just to be addictive, but .. it's a game, that's partially synonymous with good design... :)

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Sure, I also could probably write it myself, simple hidden buffs for counters, biggest issue would be fleshing out the details of what it would actually do.


Just wanted the idea out of my head since it's been circling in there since the removal of LBD .. :)

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