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Update cooking, farming, traps and electric


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A few suggestions for the next update.



Carrot seeds.


Chickencoop, can compare it to the campfire/ forge. needs at leased one chicken to run (that can be bought at a trader so you dont have to do the whole capture thing) it runs on corn and gives eggs, feathers and once ever so often a chicken.

Chickens can be butchered (scraped) in to meat.


Food and cooking:

Food poisoning is dynamic, adding for example 2% additional chance at getting it.

Starting stats of cooked food is dependent on your cooking skill. fully mastered it is set at 0% when freshly made.


When food/water reached 100% meat turns to rotting flesh, bread to moldy bread and water to murky water.


Removal of the water purifier mod for the helmet but should be added as an option to a working version of the 5galon waterbottel station that you can fill with a waterbucket. Just like you fill a minibike with gas.

without the mod you can fill jars with murky with mod you can fill them with clean water.


New cooking recipe, Glycerol a non toxic colourless sweet liquid made from animal fat and ethanol (grain alcohol)

Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties it is widely used in FDA approved wound and burn treatments


Alternate recipe Dynamite. Combining Glycerol with an oxidizer like acid then applying heat and stirring will nitrate the solution forming the highly unstable compound used in the fabrication of dynamite called Nitroglycerine.


Going Green:

Recipe Bioplastic, a simple way to make renewable source of plastic/polymer is combining Glycerol, water with starch from potatoes or corn heat it up while stirring and after cooling and settling for 2 days you have your biodegradable plastic




Windmill, watts is dependent on the windspeed.

Industrial generator, providing more power (same as 2 small generators) uses a truck engine.

Double batterybank. can hold twice as much batteries.


Powerswitch that has two intakes and one out so you can switch between power from generators or solar/windmill to power batterybanks.


Electric switch with two intakes and one out that can be set to require both intakes to be powered to let electricity through or if both are powered stop the electricity. this one is mostly for doors so a switch and a motionsensor can be used to open for allied or be setup to close when enemies are near by cutting the power.



Electric mod for the bicycle and mini bike.

(Not electric but a vehicle i would love to see is the minibike where the rear wheel is replaced with a peddle-wheel the front with a rudder and on both sides a surfboard or plastic barrels attached so you can use it on water.)




A reusable beartrap.

a torsion spring trap where you can add a tool like an axe or club that will be set off when the tripwire goes.

a double shotgun that fires when the tripwire goes.

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Good points.


More type of food, more to farm, more to cook. Sick of xy food debuff if you only eat one type. Electric oven, electric forge, logical switches and a revamped electricity system with much more option.


Electric bike mod +++++++ Even an electrix 4x4 would be nice with 4-6 batteries :)


Battery banks should charge every battery parallel if it has more. Better quality batteries should charge up faster.


Working fridges that prevent food rotting.

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Super corn could have more uses, I rarely touch it and farming it doesn't do much same as the beer and such the effect bonus is to short and the blurry is to much for just one beer.


There should also be a couple of unique mods/items you can make for when you specialise in a skill-tree.

Specially for the Yeah Science, Master Chef, Grease Monkey and Advanced Engineering.


For Science maybe a field kit that does the same as the Chem station but adds the option of cleaning water and making tea as well.


Master Chef, any food cooked by using this skill has lower chance at food poisoning and adds Corn syrup recipe (Plus the stuff in the first post)


Grease Monkey, vehicles mods. Spare tire. (adds a few more hit points) Going green, Battery pack for 4x4, minibike and bycicle. (Packs need to be recharged in the Battery bank) And Engine rebuild, a better running engine that uses less fuel and makes less sound.

Mufflers, reducing sound. and one for the Gyro only, Polymer cockpit giving less wind resistance costing you less fuel and gives you a spare seat.


Advanced engineering.

Turret upgrading. you can upgrade a SMG turret to use machinegun parts creating the beast that is the M60 auto-cannon.


Deadeye, can make the stripper clip mod for the hunting rifle. (making it function as the K98)

Demolition Expert can make the M79 grenade launcher.

Javelin master can make the Olympic Javelin from polyester and steel giving you better range.

Boomstick, lets you craft a full size version of the double barrel shotgun.

Pummel Pete, can make the Morning Star.

Skull crusher, can make a war hammer.

The Brawler, can make a lightweight polyester helmet. not much for armour but reduces knockdown.

Machine Gunner. Can make the RPD.

Archery, repeating crossbow mod for the Iron crossbow giving it a 10 shot magazine that can fire as fast as you can move the parts but its unsighted fire only.

Gunslinger, Magnum rifle-stock mod. Desert Eagle

Deepcuts, Throwing knive, one handed axe and a version of the Elgin cutlass pistol

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Its even worse then micro it, you need to hunt, farm, scavenge or raid. Just joking of course.


The food thing won't change so much that you constantly need to cook, even if you have zero skill in master chef or points in iron gut you can cook things for 2 days and you have can's as well, the stuff you can pickup by scavenging plus you can take the vitamins, tea's and mineral water to counter food poisoning.


If you use the Chef you should be fine with a week old bacon and eggs since it starts at 0% you end up with only 14% chance of food poisoning with iron gut its only 9% so combine that with vitamins and mineral water. you will never be sick.

You just don't have 20 stacks of clam chowder and such.


It gives you reason to use the things the dev's added and would make life easier since you can use the spoiled meat and water for other things.

Also it gives you more progression and things to strife for like @Hunluki idea to add a working fridge as well.

i would add the cool-box to the list as well adding snow to it to function that slowly melts while cooling and slowing down the spoiling.


So instead of being a perfect example of realism that doesn't mean fun its an opportunity to gain more things to do, ways to survive and a slightly larger challenge what for most translate in to more fun.

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