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Issue with open retro fridge


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(Filename: <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012> Line: 0)


NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

at ItemActionAttack.GetBlockHit (World _world, WorldRayHitInfo hitInfo) [0x000be] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0

at ItemActionRanged.fireShot (System.Int32 _shotIdx, ItemActionRanged+ItemActionDataRanged _actionData) [0x00171] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0

at ItemActionRanged.ExecuteAction (ItemActionData _actionData, System.Boolean _bReleased) [0x00340] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0

at ItemClass.ExecuteAction (System.Int32 _actionIdx, ItemInventoryData _data, System.Boolean _bReleased, PlayerActionsLocal _playerActions) [0x003ad] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0

at Inventory.Execute (System.Int32 _actionIdx, System.Boolean _bReleased, PlayerActionsLocal _playerActions) [0x00037] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0

at PlayerMoveController.Update () [0x0231c] in <242df21e063444d18cf17717626ca012>:0

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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