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help with mod pls


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ok i made a sticky trap mod but i cant get the movement factor to work... it only work if i make a materials "set" mod but i dont want the barbedwire to have the same movement factor.. all the other properties work but the movement factor.




<append xpath="/blocks">

<block name="StickyTrap">

<!-- <property name="DescriptionKey" value="trapAdhesiveDesc"/> -->

<property name="Material" value="MbarbedFence" />

<property name="Shape" value="New"/>

<property name="Model" value="Plate"/>

<property name="Texture" value="217" />

<drop event="Destroy" count="0" />

<property name="Group" value="Building" />

<drop event="Fall" count="0"/>

<property name="UnlockedBy" value="perkYeahScience"/>

<property name="damage_category" value="wood" />

<property name="surface_category" value="wood" />

<property name="forge_category" value="iron" />

<property name="Hardness" type="float" value="1" />

<property name="stepsound" value="metal" />

<property name="stability_glue" value="20" />

<property name="Mass" type="int" value="5" />

<property name="MaxDamage" value="1000" />

<property name="Experience" value="15.0"/>

<property name="CustomIcon" value="steelPlate"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="44aa00"/>

<property name="movement_factor" value="0.03"/>






it will only work if i do this mod below but it changes the barbedwire also which i do not want




<set xpath="/materials/material[@id=MbarbedFence]/property[@name=movement_factor]/@value">0.03</set>



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