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Group land-claim


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Hi, I'm currently playing a coop game with one other person, and I'd like to know if there's a way to tag me into his land-claim block. We're already friends/allies, but that just allows me to harvest stuff in his area. I want to be able to pick up and move objects that i'm putting down in our shared base.


Lights, spotlights, turrets. Workbenches.


Is there a way to make a party claim-block, or to add a second person to the land-claim area?

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I think only the person who places the workbench - etc. is able to pick it up. He/she is the owner.

There is no party claim-block at this time.


I placed all the workbenches, most of the chests and half of the spotlights.

I can't pick any of them up.


I'm pretty sure it's a matter of who's claim-area you are in.

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Yes, the person who places it, in their own land claim area, is the only one that can pick it up.

If someone else places something, they can't pick it up. Not sure if the claim owner can pick up

the things that you have placed in their area.


Yes, they can. That's what I just said.

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