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  1. Well, we basically already have a pipe-shotgun with the blunderbuss, so I expect primitive guns to not use standard ammo. Make all the non-shotgun ones fire metal spikes or something. For other weapons... Probably just one pipe pistol, not two. Either a revolver or a sem-automatic. The rifle sounds about right. For the machine-gun, I'd like it if it were a submachine gun, styled from an uzi or something. Yes I know the smg-5 somehow counts as a pistol, but the crappiest automatic weapon I can think of would definitely be one-handed and hard to aim. I wonder how primitive guns will work with the intelligence tree though? We're already missing a bunch of options frm the stungun tree, and robots are struggling with low-tier stuff because... well. Robots don't really do 'stone-age' Only thing I can really think of is a turret that isn't autonomous and has to be manualy aimed and fired, but is powerful (if slow) to make up for it. Like a Ballista or something. For bows... firing more than one arrow at once seems unlikely. That kind of robin-hood thing feels off-theme. Personally, I'd love to see the primitive bow replaced with a sling. The primitive bow and the regular wooden bow are kind of identical, other than the primitive having sucky stats. That's kinda boring. Bit of cloth, bit of fiber, a rock. Off you go. Much simpler ammo than arrows, which require looting for feathers, but lower damage and harder to aim as a result. Me, taunting the zombies right before I get eaten. | \/
  2. If you were willing to rework the skills completely, either removing the electric theme from melee and the robot theme from ranged, or just having each skill contain both ranged and melee weapons, you could have a gun-style taser for an entry-level ranged/electrocutioner weapon. (Fire nails or darts, low-damage but guaranteed shock-proc if you hit) and a lightning cannon for the final tier. Likewise, the melee tree could have the stun-baton, but it could also have a pneumatic sledgehammer or a pile-bunker. Something that you don't simply swing and hit enemies with, but that allows you to use your technical knowledge to hit harder than your puny nerd body should be capable of. An entry-level robot could be a wind-up blade-trap. It only rotates 10 times before stopping and needing to be interacted with by a player, but it attacks a full circle around it simultaneously like a proper blade trap, so it's not as useless as the placed sledge-robot. It only does leg-shots, so it's not great at killing, but it'll cripple a whole room and make the cleanup easier.
  3. Of current, the intelligence stat-tree is an odd ducky. Every attribute has two weapon skills, minimum. A ranged one and a melee one. So no matter what stat you pick, you can have weapons of your own without having to branch into something else. Right? Strength has shotguns and clubs/hammers. Perception has rifles and spears (and explosives) Fortitude has machineguns and fists. Intelligence has stun-batons and robots. Unfortunately, there's only one type of stun-baton in the game, and it requires parts, which makes it function more like a gun in terms of crafting. To build a pistol, you require pistol parts. At the start of the game this prevents you from just specing into pistols, building your own pistol and then going to do your thing. You require a melee weapon. You can make a knife from bone, or a melee weapon from any other catagory from stone. Then you get the blueprint to make iron, then you finally unlock steel, and at THIS point, you have to use all of those machete-parts that you've been stockpiling for the whole game so far. Same with spears (stone/iron/steel. Only steel requires parts) Same with clubs, sledgehammers, brawling weapons, ect. Electrocutioner doesn't have this. You start the game, you get some skill-points, you put those points into Stun Batons. ... ... ... Get yourself a club instead, and try to fight your way to the midgame until stun-batons start to drop in loot-boxes because even with the blueprint, you don't actually have the ability to build your chosen weapon yet. Not even a crappy stone version. We need a stone and iron tier of stun-baton. This is hard, obviously, because stone-age tools don't really mesh well with electronics, but we can rig something up. A flashlight converted into a taser? Then the baton (which shouldn't require parts, as an iron-grade melee weapon) and then finally a steel-version. Like a sword with a battery hooked up to it, to shock dudes as you cut, or a big dumb telsa-cannon, if you don't care about mixing up your ranged and melee skill-trees. Likewise, the robots tree is a little funky too, because it's clearly supposed to be your ranged-weapon tree, but... uh. It's not. The little gun-turret seems great. I love the idea. If only I could find or make one. But instead i have this automatic sledgehammer, which... Is a really cool idea, but it's obviously a melee weapon, and a bad one, at that. It doesn't let me shoot things. It actually has worse range than any other skill-tree. I mean, it has problems of it's own. I love knocking dudes flying and it genuinely feels really powerful to use. (in that the sound-effects and animation look and feel powerful) Unfortunately the reality is something different. I had three points in robotics and a quality 5 robotic sledge, and it did 15 damage. With mods. That's weaker than a club. That's weaker than my stone-spear. Placing it is... Honestly, I placed it once to block a doorway, but it doesn't have the range to actually impede a meaningful amount of zombies, and since it can't actually kill anything on it's own, it's more or less only useful for shoving dudes down the stairs. To kill things while holding it, you have to 'bully' them. Knock them down and then slam them on the ground 5 or six times until all of their limbs come off and they die from it. Also, a sledgehammer robot doesn't really feel stone-tier. It's clearly a work of advanced crafting and electronics. I'd suggest moving the robot-sledge to the same 'tier' as the robot gun and raising it's damage to match, then replacing it as your starting-tier ranged weapon with... a Ballista or something. In your hands it would function like a large but primitive crossbow. Made primarily of wood, slow reloading but firing large but simple bolts that are easy to craft (like how turret ammo only costs iron) that pierce through enemies. When placed as a turret, it wouldn't fire on it's own, but instead have the same function that a shotgun turret has, where you can interact with it to aim and fire it manually. Basically, you set it up into 'siege mode' and then have to actually sit in it and fire. This would up the accuracy significantly (give you actually sights to work with, unlike in it's 'travel mode') and speed up your reloads, but render you immobile until you get out and pick it back up as a tradeoff. Travel mode is for looting and scavenging. Siege mode is for base defence. ... alternatively, if you feel that isn't thematic. A Pitching machine modified to fire rocks, and with a sensor to track enemies. Functions just like the robot turret, but fires stones instead of robot ammo, and does worse damage. This feels like something that should be fairly easy for an amateur robotics to cook up, in the middle of the apocalypse. It's not actually a gun, it's a more-or less intact machine that you just put a motion-sensor and a swivel on. It's also way more boring than my bad-ass siege ballista idea, but probably more setting compliant. And it would explain why it scraps into Robot Parts, unlike the Balista which would be made mostly out of wood. So, in summary. Suggested weapons for Melee. Primitive: Stungun. Made from a converted flashlight. High stun chance, low-damage, short-range. Iron: Stun Baton (same as now. medicore damage with moderate chance to stun) Steel: The Electrocutioner (electrified sword, good base damage, high chance to stun) Ranged: Tier 1: Ballista Turret/Pitching Machine. Tier 2: Automatic turret + Robot Sledge Tier 3: Flying drone? TLDR: We need an entry-level weapon in electrocutioner, otherwise the entire skill-tree isn't useable until the midgame, and our entry-level weapon in Robots needs to actually be a gun of some type, in order to bring intelligence in line with other stats.
  4. Honestly, it's not good for dealing with more than one zombie at a time, and it's useless for hordes (I had to switch to a pistol for the first horde, because I needed the rate-of-fire) but it has it's place. If anything, the ak47 is too good. It's by far the best tier one weapon. Shotgun and rifle only hold one/two rounds and reload slowly. Pistol has low damage, but shoots fast and holds a bunch of rounds. AK has power, a big mag and lots of damage. Actually, there barely seems to be a difference between the first assault-rile and the second, beyond the increased damage-stat. Shotguns vastly change as you go up the tiers. Going from break-action to pump-action to drum-fed automatic. Handguns go from pistol to revolver to SMG. Rifles go from bolt-action to magazine fed. To make it fit with the other crappy tier-1 guns, they need to make the AK47 suck more. Not sure how though. You can't make an automatic rifle bolt-action. Maybe swap it with an Uzi or something? SMG counts as a pistol somehow, but... An Uzi could be an automatic that fires pistol rounds but chews through it's magazine near instantly and severely lacks accuracy. That'd make the Assault Rifle feel like a big upgrade that you've been waiting for. Then the m60 having a box-mag would feel perfect for the final tier. I could see the marksman rifle being replaced with something lever action. Something that holds more than one round but still isn't magazine fed, to make the diffrence between the t2 rifle and the t3 (full modern sniper-rifle) feel much more weighty.
  5. "Professional iron", "Iron" and "Cheap iron" are all way too close. They'd need distinct models and stuff, and that's just not... No, that's lame. You could add a scrap-tier (tools made from metal junk like signposts, cinderblocks and broken pipes) between stone and iron pretty easily though. Distinct appearance and it'd be easy to explain why you can make these after you're done playing around with rocks and sticks, but before you've got your forge properly set up to start smithing your own professional-tier tools. Thematically, you aren't melting anything down yet, you're just bolting something sharp to a pipe to make a jury-rigged axe. This would make early-game loot more rewarding, because there'd be stuff to find besides 'random trash-tier stone axe x50' from looting a tool-store. You could put the blunderbuss and potentially other 'pipe gun' themed weapons for pistols and rifles in this tier too.
  6. IIRC 'pipe guns' are supposed to be coming as a 'tier zero' version of every gun. Like the stone tools and the blunderbuss for the shotgun. Hopefully that makes the 'stone age' of the game less tedious. There's no reason to make these intelligence weapons. They'd fit with the rest of the pistols or rifles or suchlike. As for a taser... I like the idea. Start out with something like the stun-baton at lvl 1 of the perk, then get a projectile-version that can stun at range, then the final version would be like... a tesla-cannon or something? Make it follow the same path for all other weapons. tier 1, tier 2, tier 3. Like the junk sledge/junk turret/junk-drone.
  7. Yeah, punching them is just not doing it. Either 'activate to harvest' or a tool that harvests without breaking them, and also won't strike the ground next to them and destroy them. If 'players stealing your crops' is such a problem, then... make them not able to do that. Obviously. Land Claim blocks exist.
  8. I'm be real. I can't hear @%$#-all on horde-night. Zombies are screaming and banging, fatties and cops are making disgusting retching noises, traps are whirling and pooting, spiders are shrieking, shriekers are crying and vultures are squarking. I'm screaming, my friends are screaming over discord and we're all firing automatic weapons and shotguns into the crowd, alongside something like two-dozen assorted turrets firing everything from SMGS to shotguns to junk-rounds. Yeah, i'm not picking up special enemy audio-cues.
  9. 100% of primitive loot feels absolutely completely worthless. I should be crafting blunderbusses, not finding five of them in the same building, and stone tools are... they strain SoD (who put this stone hammer inside this Working Stiff crate?) and generally useless. Any tools you care about, you can make decent quality versions by the end of the second day. Give us more crafting parts for basic low-tier weapons instead, or just chunks of forged iron. Edit: To answer the op directly, I want to see better look (or rather, different loot) on minute one. Stone axes could be a drop in specific types of container (survivor backpacks or such) but they have absolutely no place being on the standard loot-table. What an absolute waste of a Loot-crate or a supply-drop. Edit: If pipe-guns existed (besides the blunderbuss) it wouldn't be too bad. Blunderbuss is a fine weapon, a pipe-pistol or a pipe-rifle would be perfectly serviceable (if still weird to find inside a shotgun messiah) But there aren't, so you'll get four primitive bows, a stone-sledge and six stone axes from one looting trip, and you'll scrap every single one of them because you made yourself one of each during the tutorial. For tools, I'd suggest a whole other tier that sits between stone and iron. "Scrap" Jury-rigged metal tools, pre-forge but after you've had a chance to do some looting and collect some scrap-iron from a car or two. Much less weird to find on some dead-guy. He'd properly look like a post-apocalyptic scavenger, rather than a stupid caveman.
  10. Heavy armour (all armour actually, but heavy especially) gives protection against all kinds of injury effects. Bleeding and Abrasions especially. IIRC, a decent helmet lowers your chance of getting stunned (or a concussion?) significantly. Fight zombies in a plant-fibre shirt. You'll notice the difference.
  11. My granddad tells stories about how when he was in the army, their chef would 'just scrape the green bits off' of the meat and serve it to the troops anyway. So yeah, military cook goes at the absolute lowest rung.
  12. Seriously? I haven't played since A18 but I could have sworn it was still there. I spent like three damn weeks looking for the thing before I could make anything other than shotgun shells. How do you make bullet-tips nowadays then, whippersnapper? Is there still a bottleneck on ammo production, or is it just Lead + Brass + Gunpowder?
  13. Make more dangerous zombies more common in cities too. I know they were a hotspot for zombie dogs in the past. Cop zombies too. If it's safer to stick to small towns that don't have good looting spots in them until you actually have a decent gun, then you can slow players down. That's bull. large scale POIs are extremely difficult in low GS. Taking on a factory filled with four dozen zombies with a bow and 14 arrows is suicide, unless you cheat your way up. Especially if all you have to heal with is regular bandages and one or two painkillers. Hitting a ground level shop with four or five zombies in it is a completely different ballgame. Since i'm still in a low enough GS to be getting stone tools, obviously nothing Q6 has ever dropped. I'm looking at grade 2 stone tools, tops. Which... is better than what I can make, given I have basically no skill-points at this stage, but not enough to actually matter. What's even the diffrence between a g1 and a g5 stone axe? More mod slots? I don't have mods More duribility? It costs ONE SMALL STONE to do a full repair, so who cares? More damage? Is it significant? Probably not.
  14. I spawned in a town with a Working Stiff and a Shotgun Messiah store. the first house I stayed in had a Shotgun messiah crate in the woodhouse out back, and the second one had a Working Stiff in the garage. Most were empty, one had a half-broken t2 stone shovel inside it. I'm not talking about factory raids, but basic street-level shops and houses with crates that practically have "Valuable tools inside" stamped on the front should actually have something useful inside. Instead, it would feel more fair if I found a pack of gunpowder, maybe some 9mm ammo and a single randomized low-grade iron tool. (pickaxe? fire axe? Wrench? Hammer? sledge?) Instead I opened four crates and got nothing.
  15. Repeating 'it's not done yet' isn't a proper defence. The game is for sale now. We all know that it's not complete, but the Fun Pimps are accepting money for it. so the current version of the game should be playable and fun. If this was still an unstable build, I could accept that they'd toss something out to patch this in the next week or so, but it's not and they won't. This is the A19 stable release, which means that this is the state the game will probably be in for the next month or more. And it's not fun. Which is a problem. Also, going on and on and on about how the game will be better later is counterproductive. The game will be better if the devs get good feedback and can correct things to make the process more enjoyable for the players. You trying to shout down anyone who isn't satisfied with the current build of the game in the forums is attempting to prevent that feedback. TLDR, stop harassing people who don't like the current build. People not liking things is an essential part of the development process.
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