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  1. Do plants grow underground? I tried to set some up in my basement and it wouldn't let me put the seeds in the plots. How much headroom do they need? We've got like 9 blocks, so it should be fine. Ended up having to put the crops on the roof of the building next door (our building is a target for vultures every 7 days)
  2. Bit slow to reply to this one, but I find Melee turrets completely inadequate for any purpose. If you build your base to have one entry through a narrow corridor, it could push people back, but it attacks so slowly that you'd probably be better off with multiple layers of ablative iron bars. The melee turret feels really cool to use (and can send other players flying, even with friendly fire off) bu it attacks too slowly, only hits one target at a time and doesn't do meaningful damage. It can't hold off a whole horde, and it can't kill individual zombies. It can
  3. "If you put points in into your weapon skill, the weapon will do more damage and swing/reload faster. So also let you make better versions of the weapons you want. These are your most important stats. Stuff like Cardio can come after, as a quality of life perk." Then let them live or die by their own choices. If you're four waves in and nobody has invested into using any kind of weapon yet, then they probably deserve to all wipe. Especially if you've been explicitly telling when that they need to.
  4. If you're investing in Fortitude, then there's no reason to settle for an SMG, the poor-man's automatic. Go Whole Hog and put that drum-mag on an M60. My gun can hold basically a whole stack of 7.62 and rips dudes apart in two bullets. If you want to conserve ammo, the Tactical Assault Rifle accepts the single-fire receiver. Or put the drum-mag on an auto-shotgun, since you said you were going strength. Yeah, sometimes I wish I could invest points in weapon-skills without having to invest in that attribute too. I like hunting rifles, but a hunting rifle isn
  5. I already run around the house enough just trying to find what i'm after, or grabbing stuff from this chest and that chest so i'm ready to go out, or come back in. The 'stack items from inventory into chest' option is nice, but I wish there was a way to lock some items to not do that, or lock specific slots to not do it. Twice now, I've accidentally packed away all of my food and ammo and then gone outside with nothing. Though now I've got an ammo box created, that's not so much of an issue. It's a really nice way to get all the car-parts out of my invento
  6. That's awful. I can't imagine storing my food items in ten different containers. How do you keep anything organised?
  7. You 100% can gather iron with nothing but a stone axe. You could probably do it with your bare hands, if the game didn't require you to smash something to pieces before you're allowed to pick it up. I'd prefer to remove the stone tools entirely in favour of scrap, so... either start the player with a scrap-axe (like how you start with a torch and some chilli) or add a way to gather metal without any tools at all. Even that is only a problem because you have to 'break' metal items to get the metal out, instead of just picking up some junk off the ground. Signposts, car-f
  8. The Yeet is fun, but the sound-effect is way too loud, and the visual effect is near blinding. Also, you can't even get a stun-baton until steel-tier loot starts dropping or being sold at the trader, because it requires parts to build. Personally, i'm looking forwards to seeing the other tiers of stun-batons when they finally come out. Originally I was thinking of 'stone age' as like... actual stone-age. Cavemen and stuff, but if the blunderbuss (and probably pipe guns) are going to need pipes to craft, then it's pretty much expected that you have to get a wrench befor
  9. Yeah, like i said. This being the basic plan was obvious from a19, but I like the blunderbuss. Both for it's looks and it's ammo. It makes it a lot easier to scrounge up some ammo to use your t0 weapon when you don't need a forge to melt down brass and lead, or a workbench to assemble it into bullets. But conversely, the weapon itself is so slow and hard to use that making yourself huge piles of this primitve ammo isn't a good use of resources, because eventually you'll graduate to t1 and all that ammo will be wasted. If we kept primitive ammo for pistols, shotg
  10. I didn't see the announcement, but I sorta assumed. You can tell by how the game treats the blunderbuss that it's being used as a T0 gun, and it wouldn't make sense for it to be the only gun that has a t0 version. Honestly, the blunderbuss makes a fine pipe-shotgun. I don't see any reason to change it. Sure, you could make it look less 'pirate' and more 'scrap-pipes assembled into something resembling a modern shotgun' but... I find it charming. Plus, muzzle-loading pebbles and gunpowder is probably the most primitive you could possibly make a shotgun. And again,
  11. The fact that the Blunderbuss is useful again makes me happy, but it does kinda shoehorn early players into having to use shotguns, which is a problem. I hope A20 adds a pipe pistol and maybe a rifle, along with fixing the primitive bow so it doesn't suck so much. That way in the early-game we'd have ranged weapons for almost every build available in the 'stone age' Getting ammo for them would be a pain. Maybe if they all use something like blunderbuss ammo, which can be made without needing lead or brass? Oh, and blunderbuss ammo scrapping to paper instead of gu
  12. Don't the cabinets have a lot less storage space than the crates? Or do you mean that you make crates and paint them to look like cabinets ?
  13. Yes, but you have about the same chance of finding gun-parts as you do of finding a full (low-grade) gun, so that doesn't actually matter. Early on, the only weapons or items that will drop are stone tools and the occasional blunderbuss, and the only gun-based item you will ever find is gunpowder or blunderbuss ammo. By the time parts for other gun start dropping, those guns themselves will already have been added to the loot-table. Because living in a hole in the ground, looking for iron and lead and nitrate and then melting those all down in a furnace and t
  14. What do yall use for storing your crap back at base? Standard Secure Wooden Chests were the go-to for a long time... but they're kinda boring. They all look the same, the wood look is kinda out of place in a lot of bases, and they don't hold a huge amount. Storage crates are the next step up. Takes nails to build, listed in crafting as 'wooden furniture/containers' and can be reshaped like wood frames to give you many different shapes. Most of the shapes are more-or-less useless, because they have rubbish storage capacity, but the crates are nice, have tons
  15. Honestly, making everything yourself is more satisfying because it's the product of your own efforts, instead of just opening boxes and seeing of RNG shines down on you today, but for basic stuff like tools, you kinda should be behind. You're mining an iron vein deep underground and smithing your own pickaxe, and the other guys are walking down the street to the tool-shop and grabbing random tools off the shelves. Yeah, they shouldn't be able to find m60's so easily, but iron tools should be available at the toolshop, otherwise why does the toolshop exist?
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