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Announcement A18.1 b5 goes EXP


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We pushed A18.1 b5 to EXP!


We added a new video option "Texture Filter", try lowering it, if your performance takes a hit.


Please report bugs here.


Please do start a new game to not risk a problem when going back to A18 b155.



To Opt in:


Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list

Right click and select properties

Under the Betas tab select latest_experimental – Unstable build



To potentially help with FPS problems:

#1 lower game's texture quality

#2 lower AF in driver settings or use "gfx af 0" ingame

#3 lower game's screen resolution

#4 lower texture filter settings


Have a great weekend and I hope you had a spooky, candy-rich Halloween!




Here is what changed with this build:



  • Stack limits to coolers, and end tables that players could craft and sell for a large profit
  • A 40% chance a screamer will not spawn
  • Video Texture Filter setting
  • UnloadUnusedAssets after we unload texture arrays
  • Steel tools parts to traders
  • Lowest graphics preset and increased 6 of Low's settings
  • Tree Quality Lowest and increased quality for Low and Medium




  • Corrected and improved electrical devices journal entries
  • Improved heat debug UI to update in realtime and show event count
  • Nerfed trader medical loot rewards, and removed plaster casts as a reward item
  • Collapsed workstations drop their schematic 20% of the time
  • Combat shoveling reduced
  • Updated quest ammo rewards with new ammo types
  • Removed the blood draw kit is no longer used




  • Controller zoom in and out function isn't working with scopes
  • Shadow artifacts on damage particles.
  • Demolition zombie's explosion is affected by claim strength.
  • Heat map timing
  • NRE when server is shutdown via terminal
  • Client NRE when host or server exits game
  • Balancing and better descriptions for bullet penetration.
  • Bad default value for BlockPenetrationFactor
  • Too many journal unlocks delay the tutorial quest
  • Incorrect mining journal and missing distribution of silver/gold/diamond blocks
  • Junk Turrets pushed through blocks if placed in a 1x1 hole
  • Health at 99/100 when starting a new game
  • Light Mod more expensive than Mining Helmet with light mod.
  • Anemia debuffs stay after death, once noob jacket is cleared
  • Going into prefab editor can cause grey textures in game
  • Having lots of craft ingredients causes lag when clicking on the recipe / reopening crafting screen
  • UI scale changes ingame do not update toolbelt message location
  • The world generation process does not apply rwgmixer.xml modlets
  • Lootstage ending in 9 seem to force loot quality to 1
  • Disabled dms on linux to prevent crash until Unity issue is fixed

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