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How do i fly with gyro!

Adam the Waster

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In A17, W is forward, S backward, A is rudder Left, D is rudder right, Space is Increase altitude and I think C is decrease altitude and E is fall to the ground which is very easy to do with the gyrocopter.


So in practice press W to move forward, then very carefully press space a few times to gain altitude (not to much or you will invert yourself and fall backward) after a reasonable altitude is reached press c to gain an even level of flight, pressing A and D to pivot (yaw I think) direction and when you are ready to land, alternate speed and altitude until you either drift down at a forward pace or you just drop vertically and hit the ground which causes no damage to you or the gyrocopter no matter how high you are up at the time. Meaning you can just pivot around with A and E until no forward or backwards movement is being used, making sure you are at the point in which you want to fall and just drop down, which is good to land on a small building if you know you are over the exact spot you want to fall to.


This can only be mastered by in-game trial and error and many a time I have run into my base trying to land on my helipad on top of my base. I have chosen to add wedges (not ramps ) at the ends of my helipad so that I have a little vertical motion kick when I hit them at lower speeds.


The Gyrocopter should be edited in the XMl for gas tank capacity and speed otherwise it takes forever to get where you want to go and the gas will run out really, really quickly.


Damn I want to play again, need to clean up the computer room.

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