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Announcing A18 b149 EXP release


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Hey folks!

We released A18 b149 EXP to public !

Please go to this thread to post bug reports.


Please find the Changelog here.


To Opt in:


Select 7 Days to die in your Steam games list

Right click and select properties

Under the Betas tab select latest_experimental – Unstable build



To potentially help with FPS problems:

#1 lower game's texture quality

#2 lower AF in driver settings or use "gfx af 0" ingame

#3 lower game's screen resolution


Have fun and enjoy !




Here's what changed since b143:



  • Gfx tex command calls UnloadUnusedAssets
  • Streaming texture budget is set based on VRAM size
  • Anisotropic filtering is disabled if 3 GB or less of VRAM
  • Biome feral night born zombies will be old and die at dawn
  • Zombie super rage
  • Journal entries on weapon and armor stats (work in progress)




  • Harvesting farm plots was a bit too easy.
  • Wetness buff displays a percentage.
  • DrinkJarPureMineralWater and drinkJarRedTea improved description
  • Reduced file size of the 3 loading screen images by 75% saving a couple of Meg of memory without compromising the quality
  • Rescaled durability of items. Unless modified by perks the durability number now means number of uses until broken. Fast, low damage weapons have higher durability to account for needing more swings to achieve similar results as a slow weapon. Many items will need to be repaired if you continue an existing game.
  • You can use a blood draw kit while the death debuff is up, rebalanced BDK and updated display
  • PerkPhysician has a bonus for creating blood bags
  • Player crafted farm plots can be dug up and relocated
  • PerkLuckyLooter adds 10-50 to loot gamestage
  • Adjusted torque and friction of ground vehicles
  • Dye will scrap to paint
  • Helmet lights were too bright
  • Optimized out about 80K verts and 90K tris from pyramid_05
  • Items crafted by players can now have random stats. No random stats on primitive/stone items. Weapon and similar perks add 1 crafting quality per level so you can eventually craft QL 6 items.
  • Updated PREGEN01-03
  • Removed old script from wall torch
  • Steel knuckles are useful for gutting animals
  • Reduced heat map from torches and candles
  • Old zombies won't die if they have a target
  • Increased nightmare move speed to faster than a player
  • Added light sources to burning shaft mod prefabs.




  • Cancelling a lockpick attempt will result in using a lockpick on opening any other container.
  • Using consumables before entering vehicle does not reduce quantity, breaks hotbar.
  • Some animal textures weren't streaming and adjust streaming priority of animals
  • Texture streaming on appliance models.
  • Localisation key for perksniperghost
  • Some electrical models do not stream and cleanup unused assets
  • Blackstrap coffee needs "art of mining vol 4" but craft window say different
  • Some system languages cause problems during gameplay
  • Cleaned up barrel collisions.
  • Broken collision on burned siding 04.
  • Some industrial objects were not streaming
  • Description on perkRangersAPAmmo
  • Description on ammoGasCan
  • PerkArtOfMiningPallets does not unlock resourceLeadBundle
  • Wrong scrap info on steel tools
  • Blood moon horde may have 2 waves instead of 3
  • Blood draw kit can cause a death loop
  • Some lighting model textures didn't stream
  • Some outdoor decor model textures didn't stream
  • Character throwing broken spear still makes power attack sound
  • All tools have salvage harvest enabled
  • Lvl 5 penetrator perk affects standard 7.62 ammo when it shouldnt
  • Seeds can be planted and grown on rotated farm plots
  • Coffee seed and coffee bean have the same icon
  • Drawbridge difficult to find snap point
  • Bicycles have a chance to spawn above the skybox
  • Turrets Syndrome increases RoF of deployed turret(s) when one is held in hand
  • Junk Turret ownership can be lost
  • Clothing items do not show mod cog in paper doll slots.
  • RWG 8K issues with a Radeon video card
  • AlaskaCedar60 billboard being invisible
  • PC monitor LOD is elevated
  • Laser sight does not work until weapon is reactivated on toolbelt slot
  • A club harvests more meat than a stone axe
  • Nighttime textures are very ugly and blurry with reflection quality turned off
  • Profiles.sdf player height exploit
  • Item stats on explosive arrows/bolts
  • Using the craft metal furniture, it is possible to make brass radiators
  • Trader's category tabs are wildly inconsistent with the number of items for sell.
  • Buff popups on the left (and status effect listing) are not localized

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