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Missing minibike???


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Could be a few different things.


Do you not see the icon on the map anymore?


If not, I have seen it glitch and the bike be damaged 100%. Most likely will be either where you was when you disconnected as you are probably a little ways back from where you was but the bike is still in that spot. But sometimes it has been backwards and the bike be a little ways back from where you was. So could go both ways.


Are you on the latest version and not an older one? Back before the bike icon the bikes would vanish all the time so if you on that version you might be out of luck.


All I have at the moment. Hope that helps and good luck.

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Main question is if you can see the icon, but the bike is nowhere in sight. If this is the case, the mini bike glitched and is no underground.


If you were on the surface, you'll find it a few blocks down. If you were on bedrock, then it's either sitting above ground, or still a few blocks under the surface.


Grab a shovel, grab repair kits. I once had the bike glitch to where when I got on my recovered bike, it immediately caught on fire, and it drained the gas extremely quickly until I hopped off and took it apart and put it back together.


I actually had my bike glitch a few blocks down a few days ago while looting a run down building. And the other day I left my bike on a side road, and when I came back, it was smoking and on fire for no reason. Thankfully this is very rare.

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