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Difference in Harvest values

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I am hosting a dedicated server for some friends. Before we got hosting, we played 7 Days with a friend of mine hosting the server on her PC. When we moved to the dedicated server, I noticed that tools were doing far less damage and not yielding as much resources.


For example, on her Personal PC hosted server, a level 1 stone axe was doing about 14 points of damage to stone or wood per hit, with no skill points invested in any skills. For wood this was resulting in 2-3 wood per hit. And for stone, 1 per hit.


On my dedicated server, with a level 6 stone axe, and Motherload at level 2, I am only doing 8 points of damage per hit an I am not noticing a significant change in resources. I am getting 1 stone for every 2-3 hits. And for wood I am getting 1 for every 2 hits.


I signed into another friends locally hosted server tonight and found it to be the same as the first locally hosted one. Is there a setting I am missing or perhaps that my provider could have changed that could have caused this discrepancy? I checked the Item.xml and found the values to be exactly alike on the local server and the dedicated one. Is there some sort of setting that the RNG world could have changed to adjust resource density or tool values in another xml?



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Did you check serverconfig.xml ? That is the file on the server where you can set options (i.e. mostly the same options the game gives you when you start a local game). You are looking for "BlockDamagePlayer", default value is 100 (percent).


Also check "GameDifficulty". Default is 2. I doubt that this setting also changes damage to blocks (I think it only changes damage to zombies), but I'm not sure.


I assume the server has the exact same version of the game as the local machines, right?


Also don't assume your friends who created the local games are using default settings, ask them if they maybe changed block damage from the default, maybe by chance they made the same change.

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