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Looking for CTF prefabs.


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Hey all! I'm looking for a nice capture the flag prefab to include in my upcoming mod. If you'd like to collaborate a bit and share the prefab, let me know. I'm looking for something that's quite large and rectangular, but also fairly symetrical. I also want to add powerup areas that can randomly spawn power up buffs. I can handle all the buff stuff, just need the prefab done.


An idea I wanted to try was re creating World of Warcrafts Warsong Gulch... It is simple, but symetrical and fair, and large enough.


So let me know if anyone wants to team up a bit for this or something. Message me on here or on Guppys discord. Thanks guys!

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Was just looking for my CS de_dust2 prefab on my PC... Sadly I do not think I have it anywhere...




But, Adreden had this cool thing he was doing when he was making Winterfell... basically he made a giant translucent block with no colliders that when placed would sort of "map out" where to place blocks, basically within the lines of the giant translucent block.


Food for thought.



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