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Fix for broken main.ttw and main.ttw.bak files.


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So my computer completely crashed while I was in the middle of my game with no BSOD or memory dump due to the stupid overclock I was running (I'll apply more voltage to that problem later), but this totally corrupted the main.ttw and main.ttw.bak files in the game save. Stopping me from being able to load that save.


I don't know what these files are for exactly, but from my other saves I can gather that they track NPC units, maybe?


The fix is relatively simple:


Step 1:

Navigate to: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\<map name>\<save name> (the error message should give you the exact path as well).


Step 2:

copy the <save name> folder to your desktop or somewhere else (you're making a backup just in case)


Step 3:

Create a new game on that same map and remember the save name, I'll refer to this as <new save name>, then quit the game.


Step 4:

Navigate to: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\<map name>\<new save name> and copy both the main.ttw and main.ttw.bak to the C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\<map name>\<save name> folder. You will be told that "The destination has 2 files with the same names", click on "Replace the files in the destination" button.


Step 5:

Run 7DTD and try to continue your game. I don't know what the long term effects of this will be, if any, perhaps the devs can tell us what exactly the purpose of the main.ttw file is?


If this doesn't work, then perhaps you have another issue with your game save.


Attached is a zip of the broken main.ttw and main.ttw.bak files, but they are just filled with null bytes.


A WSL ubuntu hexdump of the main.ttw and main.ttw.bak files yields:


/Desktop/Nucou County/My Game$ hexdump -x main.ttw
0000000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000
/Desktop/Nucou County/My Game$ hexdump -x main.ttw.bak
0000000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000    0000


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I tried ths (even before reading the post), but it's caused a couple problems


#1 is that for some reason most trees only have 1 hp now. Not a big deal but,


#2 is that no zombies spawn in POIs anymore, unless I get a trader quest to reset them.


Know what a solution for #2 is? It sort of makes the game unplayable.

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Start a new save. This is only a possible solution for when the client isn't exited properly. If it doesn't work, your save is hosed beyond repair. Verify your client files to exclude any issues there, and then start a new save.


No way am I starting a new save. I have 50+ hours playing dead is dead, after 50+ hours of dying in dead is dead games due to mistakes or bugs.


I managed to fix the problem. All I needed to do was delete the region files in the save so it reset the map and allowed sleepers to spawn. I didn't delete the region file that my base was on.

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