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7 Days To Die


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Sorry, I’m new to the forums but not to the game. I’ve been playing 7D2D since 2017. My friend and I absolutely enjoy it but have been laying off of it due to the same thing over and over again. Anyway I don’t know if I’m posting this to the right part of the forums.

So, from what I’ve been reading/skimming over the past few months, the developers have been struggling to get the source code (I think the source code?) to update the console versions. And I believe TTG put a price on it that the developers are unwilling or can’t pay.

So, why not tell your customers, like be honest about all of your things, how much that price is. What if you (the developers) set a Go-Fund-Me or something. Idk if people are willing to donate but it’s worth a shot. Now, idk if TTG has that source code because I remember reading that they auctioned it off and someone anonymous bought it.

Key points: Go-Fund-Me.

Please respond, peace ✌️

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