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  1. There hasn’t been an update since for over a year or maybe a two (I don’t remember. My friend and I have made a couple bases with a trench and drawbridge and that issue hasn’t happened to us. So, maybe the issue was fixed? The game probably renders the bridge still down there, or the previous blocks. Maybe try to place down blocks and break them to change it. Or, destroy that drawbridge and place a new one I suppose. Like I stated.. I’ve never experienced this issue so my suggestions are just something I thought would help. Just know, the game (on console) isn’t planned to have an update for a while until the PC version goes well.
  2. Hmm.. understood. My bad and apologies for the inconvenience. But to also say.. 7D2D is similar to Minecraft, no? The block is kind of similar. I’m just thinking, if the 3D Voxel format is difficult, or maybe the rendering that goes on with it, is there any way to help the process? Or is that time consuming or money costing?
  3. You see.. that’s the thing. I’ve always read on here that console isn’t strong enough to to support it. I’m gonna sound stubborn or something for this but.. why? There’s so many others games out there with a larger content, graphics (which takes a lot of running), etc. For example, the call of duty games. They have so much content, more than 7. So, why is 7 such an ass to run on console? 7 doesn’t have that great of graphics (I’m mentioning graphics a lot because it is one thing that makes games harder to run) but yet it’s an ass to run. There’s another game, The Forest, on my console, it takes up a storage of 4.41 GB, and 7D2D takes up 3.04 GB. I’m probably looking at the wrong thing but again, why the hell can’t console run 7?
  4. If they do that, how would they make money? Surely enough, the DLC skin packs won’t really be bought out for. I was thinking the same though, for it be a free game for the month or something so it can be widely known. Or maybe have it trending on the PS Store
  5. That may be the truth but come on man. Console (I’m talking about PS4 since that’s where I play) is way further back than PC. We have so many problems that it’s hell to play. We have constant crashes that it makes it frustrating to play. My friends and I get an “Error in the application” from every 30 mins to an hour. I understand you guys were promised and I can’t change that. I understand your point too dude. But, console is way behind PC and we need fixes and such ASAP. Understand that please
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