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  1. There hasn’t been an update since for over a year or maybe a two (I don’t remember. My friend and I have made a couple bases with a trench and drawbridge and that issue hasn’t happened to us. So, maybe the issue was fixed? The game probably renders the bridge still down there, or the previous blocks. Maybe try to place down blocks and break them to change it. Or, destroy that drawbridge and place a new one I suppose. Like I stated.. I’ve never experienced this issue so my suggestions are just something I thought would help. Just know, the game (on console) isn’t planned to have an update for a while until the PC version goes well.
  2. Hmm.. understood. My bad and apologies for the inconvenience. But to also say.. 7D2D is similar to Minecraft, no? The block is kind of similar. I’m just thinking, if the 3D Voxel format is difficult, or maybe the rendering that goes on with it, is there any way to help the process? Or is that time consuming or money costing?
  3. You see.. that’s the thing. I’ve always read on here that console isn’t strong enough to to support it. I’m gonna sound stubborn or something for this but.. why? There’s so many others games out there with a larger content, graphics (which takes a lot of running), etc. For example, the call of duty games. They have so much content, more than 7. So, why is 7 such an ass to run on console? 7 doesn’t have that great of graphics (I’m mentioning graphics a lot because it is one thing that makes games harder to run) but yet it’s an ass to run. There’s another game, The Forest, on my console, it takes up a storage of 4.41 GB, and 7D2D takes up 3.04 GB. I’m probably looking at the wrong thing but again, why the hell can’t console run 7?
  4. If they do that, how would they make money? Surely enough, the DLC skin packs won’t really be bought out for. I was thinking the same though, for it be a free game for the month or something so it can be widely known. Or maybe have it trending on the PS Store
  5. Bud... this is the console section. You should be able to see it
  6. 1. Do you have any hope for the console version? 2. Are you allowed to team up with another publisher for console? 3. Are you talking to the Stranded Deep developers of how they got their rights back? 4. What did the update contain before TTG unexpectedly went out of business? 5. Why is the آ“legal issuesآ” not allowed to be talked about? 6. What are the legal issues? 7. In all honesty, how can we (the gamers) help with issues. Is it money? Persuasion? Etc. -I know 5 and 6 seem آ“personalآ” but please understand the players have been waiting over a year for answers. We are getting tired and Iآ’m sure you are too. Everyday I check the forums for any news and such. Iآ’m losing hope overtime. I really love 7D2D. Once I start a new world, my friends and I put lots of time and effort into it. On each world, we have at least 80+ hours spent on it. Weآ’ve had about 5 or 6 worlds. And devs, please no BS answers or this and that. Iآ’ve read enough forums to see that.
  7. I don’t know if this helps but turning on the “Display Distant Terrain” in the main menu removes the fog from Wasteland and Fireland. Try that
  8. 1. No people canآ’t log in to your game when youآ’re off the world that YOU are hosting. The only way people can log in is when youآ’re on and if it is an open world. If it private, others would need an invite. And for the food/water part, the game saves every couple minutes or so. Look for the gameآ’s logo at the top right. My best guess is that you exit the world right after eating/drinking without the game saving your current progress. 2. As of the legal issue of the rights and such for TFP and the other companies involved with the game, donآ’t expect anything soon or for a while. Itآ’s been a year almost two since 7D2D had an update. So, no, there wonآ’t be updates/changes to the console version. 3. I joined 7D2D in July of 2017 (keep in mind I play PS4, shouldآ’ve stated that a while ago). I donآ’t know about mines in the burnt forest. But, there are mines in wasteland. When it first came to PS4, it was horrible. There was a mine every 3 blocks or something like that. But now, itآ’s all spread out and such. Travel on the asphalt roads or if you want, travel slowly in wasteland. There are grass patches where it is safe, no mines. Zombie bears and dogs tend to spawn more in wasteland, I think cops and ferals too. 4. I canآ’t answer about the changes to that as Iآ’m not a developer. But, play with your TV settings and the game settings. I think my gamma is about 3/4 to the end of the bar (left to right). For my TV setting (I have a Samsung TV), I play on آ“dynamicآ”. So if your TV has that, play on that. I sometimes play with the آ“naturalآ” setting too. (Dynamic makes it bright, natural makes it darker but clearer too). Also, check to see if youآ’re getting a glare from the sun (in real life). Adjust your TV or cover where the sun is coming in from. (Also to mention, if you want to remove the fog in wasteland and fireland, turn on آ“Display Distant Terrainآ” in the options of the menu before you load into a world). 5. I donآ’t know about the skill point system. It hasnآ’t happened to me. And I agree about the time for the bonus point. But, I ignore the quest with chickens and rabbits. Itآ’s too time consuming. But if you want to do it, I think chicken and rabbits spawn more in the Sahara biome (the one that looks like the desert but it has more vegetation and such). Iآ’ve noticed deer spawn more in the Sahara too. But those problems youآ’re having with the skill points and seeing the wasps hasnآ’t happened to me. But tbh, I donآ’t know why youآ’re worried about the wasps. 6. The rest of the map آ“unlocksآ” when there are updates. That goes back to what I said in #2. I donآ’t what youآ’re talking about for the south side. Are you in navezgame or random gen? 7. Look for the terrains I said. Oh also, rabbits spawn a lot more in snow now that I remember. Not Sahara/desert. And like SylenThunder said about this too. Extra: The sounds are just based on the biomes. The screams are only featured in wasteland. Itآ’s supposed to give you a horror/creepy vibe. 7D2D is supposed to have horror built into it. It doesnآ’t spoil the game completely, that may be your opinion but thatآ’s a dumb reason to think about. Yeah, the dogs are honestly annoying. For me, I can hear them. Buy a good mic that suits you. Turn up your sound for your TV/mic. But I wouldnآ’t really rely on your TV for sounds. The console/PS4 controller doesnآ’t move slowly. Iآ’m pretty sure you can alter the sensitivity. Dogs do run fast, when they get close to you, I noticed they zig-zag run. I hope you know this already but carry cloth fragments/bandages on your 24/7. You can bleed out anytime. Dogs are more capable of making you bleed out. -If you have a hard time killing dogs, consider the spiked club and shotguns. If you hit them in the head with any firearm or some melee weapons, itآ’ll kill them instantly. Another thing to consider is to build up about 2, 3, or 4 blocks high. Dogs can run fast and can jump up a block. I said 3 or 4 blocks b/c of slopes. Good luck with the info I said! Quick Edit: I don’t know why آ was inserted, that happened on its own
  9. That may be the truth but come on man. Console (I’m talking about PS4 since that’s where I play) is way further back than PC. We have so many problems that it’s hell to play. We have constant crashes that it makes it frustrating to play. My friends and I get an “Error in the application” from every 30 mins to an hour. I understand you guys were promised and I can’t change that. I understand your point too dude. But, console is way behind PC and we need fixes and such ASAP. Understand that please
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