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Any mods to decrease the number of shots and increase the number of zombies

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I have played 7 Days To Die for a long time and introduced the game to my wife and friends.


During the blood moon our bases are swarmed with zombies and typically the radiated ones. I hear comments all the time that it takes alot of shots to kill them, even point blank they will go through a clip or two before killing one.


Personally I wish the zombie killing was more realistic as the zombies are not supposed to be super humans but are walking rotting flesh. Just checking if anyone has any mods ?



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try the BorderlandZ Mod.

Tons of Guns. Tons of Loot especially Ammo is everywhere.

Tons of Zombies.




On the other side Building is made a bit more difficult...

Though.... cough.... Realistic.... BorderlandZ is NOT.

But what Zombie Mod or Game is I may ask....



1250 Zombies against me and my Base. Though it is well defended mind you.

110 Loot bag aquired. Tons of new Loot, new Weapons, new Ammo, new Armor I got...

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