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A new 17.4 item list (with things like gun mods incluided) with block ids? Anyone?

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After looking over a lot of the wikis, i realize that the items list (with actual block/entity ids) is woefully outdated. Does anyone have a true up-to-date list? I'm putting together a prepper kit and i can't find the list with all the gun mods like "modGunReflexSight", at least not a list with all of them.


I keep googling "7 days to die" (with and without quotes) and items or item list and can't get a really up-to-date list.


If you go here




They don't even mention gun mods like scopes. Like i said, woefully outdated.



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Thanks, you're awesome....You might wanna get someone to post that as a "legit" data thing. It's a nightmare to try and mod without the correct data, lol.



Oh hey, i've been seeing a lot of mods using the quality="6,6" but the quality doesn't equal 6 (when the loot comes out)....What can you alter to actually make the item top quality?

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