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Co-op game spawns two maps


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The title may sound confusing, but in a nutshell, my husband created a MP game with a PW so that we could play co-op, (on the Zuhehi map) and when I connected, I can only describe what I saw as if I were seeing two maps, one overlayed on the other.


As I made my way across 5 miles to meet up at his base, I would see parts of a POI's interior floating in mid air and the ground stretching up unnaturally to meet it, and when I got nearer to it, it would simply vanish and the "real" map would render (as far as my view distance allows). Also all the trees are floating in the air. When I arrived at his base, there were also trees growing through the walls, and not the kind of "normal" clipping we're used to seeing, but full on melding of block and tree.


We're sitting side by side looking at the same view of the base from our respective computers, these trees in the blocks, and the floating trees, and floating POIs are not there on his screen, and in fact, the POIs that I can make out on mine are not even the same POIs near his base (like I see a church instead of the cabin he sees, so I couldn't even say it's just a weird rendering of the POI generated at that spot).


So, for all intents and purposes, it appears my game is imposing another map over his. Hope the title makes sense now. :)

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