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Need help adding ores to world generation in 17.2

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In short I’ve created a few new ores for a mod I’ve been working on for a couple friends and I’ve run into a problem. The problem being they aren’t being generated into the world, I can find the blocks and items in the creative inventory and I can place them in the world manually however I have to be doing something wrong when trying to get them to generate.

From what was previously explained to me I would just have to modify the biomes.xml, is this correct?

I have 4 new things to add into world generation but cannot even get a single ore to spawn in any let alone all biomes.

Could anyone throw a short tutorial or example code for modifying my biomes.xml to add the new ores into the generation?

At this point I’m considering modifying the actual biomes.xml instead of doing it externally from my own mod folder....

Please and thank you!!

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it is a bit old, but check out war of the walkers, it had copper and such added in biomes, that should give you a good start to go on




here you go, this is old code, but it should help you identify if you're just adding it to the biome wrong, or if its something else

<!-- random prob_min,_max per chunk where 0 equals no decoration and 256 means on every block -->

<!-- Decorations Main: Snow -->


<decoration type="prefab" name="rock_form02" prob="0.00075" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="rock_form01" prob="0.0075" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_nitrate_pile" prob="0.00135" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_coal_pile" prob=".0007" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_copper_zinc_pile" prob="0.00135" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_iron_pile" prob="0.00135" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_Ammo" prob="0.00011" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_Building" prob="0.00012" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_FoodDrink" prob="0.00012" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_General" prob="0.00012" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_HealthArmr" prob="0.00012" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_Weapons3" prob="0.00011" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_Weapons5" prob="0.0001" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="prefab" name="resource_lootCrate3_Weapons7" prob="0.00009" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="lootForestHelper" prob="0.00025"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="rock05" prob="0.0025" />

<decoration type="block" blockname="rock06" prob="0.0025" />

<decoration type="block" blockname="rock07" prob="0.0025" />

<decoration type="block" blockname="snowRockResource" prob="0.0005" rotatemax="3"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="snowRockResource02" prob="0.0005" rotatemax="3"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="cntBirdnest" prob="0.0009" />

<decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterEverGreen" prob="0.00325" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterPine01" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterPine02" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="treeWinterPine03" prob="0.003" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="treePlantedWinterPine1m" prob="0.0013" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="cntTreeStump" prob="0.001" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="treeSnowyDeadBush" prob="0.005" rotatemax="7"/>

<decoration type="block" blockname="treeSnowyGrassDiagonal" prob="0.08" />


<terrain class="Mountains" />


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The code above is to add the surface seams that went away in A17. If you want to add underground ore you must edit the stack code from surface to bedrock and replace iron, nitrate, coal, etc with your custom ore. Make sure your blocks are flagged is_terrain.

The stack code starts with gravel with (ore) and ends with bedrock.

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