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  1. I have this issue in RWG - pretty sure it has to do with the microsplat terrain shader. A similar issue is if you swap the names of biomes you get terrain that looks like the name, not the xml code. for example, rename "desert" to "snow" change nothing else and you will have a desert with snow shades terrain.
  2. Unless I misunderstand the question it is not hard at all - look at the particle effect attached to a campfire or forge. Just copy that into your copy of the vanilla block, adjust the offset and you should be good.
  3. Well for one thing if you are want the old biome system back you can use SphereII Legacy Distant Terrain as a DMT mod. You will lose all of the high-resolution textures and distant terrain rendering, however. You can create sub-biomes but they are hard to call in Xpath as they don't currently have discreet names or tags to identify them in the xml - I have been fully removing the main biomes and re-introducing them with the subbiomes that I want. With the current shader, ground textures cannot be different from the main biome, and the forest will always have forest ground texture no matter what you change. You can put in your own main biomes but the texture will default to stone and not blend with the existing textures. A better way to distinguish your sub-biomes is to switch the decorations - a patch of brown grass and less trees in the main forest makes a nice change. There is an issue with tree density however, it seems that the main biome decorations rate for trees is overriding the sub-biomes. I.e the only way that I have found to make a sub-biome a clearing is to change the tree blocks to modelentity which impacts performance as they are no longer static and lose the LOD's. I have changed the pine trees to be far more dense - I changed the bigdecorationradius to 3-4. This does occasionally throw an error as they very rarely attempt to draw in the same space but it doesnt seem to impact the game. It does affect the performance but not as much as you might think since the new occlusion system means it draws less distant objects. My forests are so dense you can't see an enemy until they are on top of you. I personally like the danger of early game, and having to clear land to build. Any specific questions? I have done an almost complete replacement of the game's xml so I usually don't even remember what I did unless someone asks...
  4. I have been working on biome overhauls and have posted my struggles previously... am much further along and can tell you that the main issue is the recent switch to the Micro Splat shader. A lot of the entries in biomes.xml are not considered by the new terrain shader. Subbiomes are limited as well - you can make minor changes such as ore distribution but not terrain or large decorations changes. I do have some tricks - are there specific changes you want to make?
  5. I would be happy to 3d print them if someone could export them to a simple polys obj. I can take it from there
  6. Just shooting from the hip here, but is it part of the object's class? Did you try adding your sound to a copy of a block that has an ambient sound?
  7. It's very easy, just very specific in the way things work.
  8. The block that you can see before you place it is called the imposter and will be scaled to the multiblockdim specified in the xml. The actual block must have a scale issue in unity - the parent mode should be empty and have a 0 0 0 position and be scaled 1 1 1. The child object is the 3d model and should be scaled accordingly. This is the object that will need a collider component and the b_mesh tag. You will have to repack the asset and reexport it every time you make a change. Some of the veteran modders here do a lot more with unity than I do, and the old unity 7d2d videos still are mostly relevant.
  9. Remove the learnable tag from the recipe
  10. Also if there is no customicon line it looks for an icon with the same name, as long as the parent item it extends from does not have a customicon entry. For example if you have an item or block named "MyAwesomeItem" and you put an icon named "MyAwesomeItem.png" in your itemiconatlas folder it will work fine. It is a lot less code when you have hundreds of custom items and blocks.
  11. In the block there is an attribute that is "craftingarearecipes" you can change this to whatever name you want, and in the recipe set craft_area= whatever you picked. If this is not clear I will get on my pc and copy the code - - - Updated - - - Also you can use multiple recipe groups in one workstation, if you use "player, campfire" it will show recipes used in the campfire and just player crafting with no workstation
  12. It is a workstation like a forge or campfire, uses a class and an entry in xui.xml If you copy the workbench block and xui entry and change the names you will have a working block.
  13. Venom, if you want my data on dye colors, I created a mod with 64 colors grouped into light, medium, and dark tint bases. It also has a dye tub workstation and includes military colors and true black. I never got around to packing it up and publishing it but the hard work of getting the hex colors figured out is done. You are free to do what you want with it, just let me know. Saber es poder
  14. The mortician drawer sound (found in loot containers in loot.xml) would sound great for a furnace if you want that sort of custom sound.
  15. Ty for posting your whole proccess - I was a lurker for a long time doing my own thing and these kinds of threads helped a lot
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