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  1. Also, if you look at the dev comments in item modifications.xml there is specific mention of a brass catcher.
  2. Yeah biomes.xml has a fillupto value for the water level, but I think it is superceded by the global value. Been a while since I messed with that since I like how nitrogen handles water. Will dig into the bedrock thing. 😝
  3. Hmm a couple of thoughts... Spawning is per chunk, so if you wander during the day you will enter new chunks and trigger the spawn events for nearby chunks. If you post up in a base at night the chunk may not respawn unless you kill the lone z from the day. Or maybe I am all wrong 🤔
  4. As not to leave your question unanswered, there is a section in the xml that controls bedrock height, water level, and the maximum height of the world. I just can't remember where it is. Sorry for the non-answer, hate to see a thread with no replies. When I can get to my pc, will give you a better answer.
  5. ah no you are correct. There is a buff with the target set to area or terrain, I can't remember. Will have to look it up. The molotov projectile applies that buff to the block it hits, and moving within it applies the buff to the entity.
  6. There are ways to use wildcards in XPath, but they are convoluted and i never use them. I typically just remove the item in question and append it back in, unless other items extend from it.
  7. old thread, but there is a screeneffect that does what you want. Look at the night vision goggles buff and play with the screen effect value. There are actually some funny ones in there that posterize the colors, make ripples etc.
  8. the AITask part is what is relevant- you can just copy that part from an animal you want to make it behave like. Its a hierarchy so if task 1 does not apply, try task 2, etc.
  9. if anyone else is still looking at this, the grass has nothing to do with the world generation - nitrogen, rwg, or vanilla. Its in the biomes.xml under decorations. You could change the probability or change the grass to skulls if you wanted. Hmmm... terrible idea.
  10. honestly, I would not. The game has moved beyond that and new patches will continue to break stuff. Both RussianDood and i have tried to make it work but we are just stuck with it for now. In my mod, though, the biomes really only share ground textures with their vanilla counterparts. My burntforest is a dense pine forest, desert is an arid subtropical island, and pine forest is rocky highland hills.
  11. I might be misunderstanding, but I think you need to look at the tool required in the individual recipe. Look at the grilled meat recipe and see how it requires the cooking grill.
  12. hmm, it is possible to return multiple items when an item is used or eaten, just add commas.
  13. I dont think there is a spawngroup associated with the water biome. You might be able to add one but I'm not sure if the code looks for it now that we have hard-coded biomes. As for the appearance- you could mess with server side zombies as they attach existing meshes to the zombies. Maybe grass upside down or cobwebs?
  14. You are missing the line of code that defines which fire or explosion effect is displayed when the projectile hits. It is explosion.index, or something similar. You can change that value and see different effects- there's 19 of them i think, but most are barrels blowing up. Find that line in vanilla code and you have your answer.
  15. Search items.xml for "openbundle" and you will find an item class that can be opened in your inventory. You could extend this to your own bundle so that a single recipe yields any number of items. This is how the "starter pack" mods work. Not sure if it solves your problem but it offers some interesting possibilities 🤔
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