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  1. That should be in the perk code in progression.xml. there is certainly a blockdamage modifier that can be modded.
  2. Look for the sittable furniture mod, it has a bed that uses vehicle code to have the player lay down on it.
  3. You can modify cvars with items, see my cvar club snippet in my previous posts. If you want to access a particular enitiy's cvars and they are available to you, there is some prefix to add to the cvar name, unsure of the syntaxes. Hope that helps!
  4. Awesome! Also having incorrect colliders will do it, in case someone else has a similar issue.
  5. I sure hope not, I am using this property extensively. Also, plants rely on this to perpetuate so hopefully it stays.
  6. The status check buffs always are active on the character and are a good place to park buff triggers or initialize a buff on first spawn in. I usually use it to trigger my own hidden buff that persists through death to watch for things like character death and hang new buffs or debuffs on the character.
  7. Networked cvars are available between entities, non networked are only able to be used by the entity that owns it. I think.
  8. Please post if you find a solution, I have resigned myself to using buffs to display cvar values!
  9. You currently cannot, as the terrain textures are baked into the shader, much as changing the references in biomes.xml does nothing. If you look at my previous posts on my profile there are some discussions on this.
  10. The probability is really the size. There is a granular map generated of subbiomes- if you make the same map with parameters all the same except biome prob, the sub will be in exactly the same spot, just larger or smaller. Of course, the more sub types you have, the less likely a sub point is to be a particular type. If you have 2 different probs there will be the same number, just less area.
  11. Doesn't unity support negative lighting volumes?
  12. old thread, but there is a screeneffect that does what you want. Look at the night vision goggles buff and play with the screen effect value. There are actually some funny ones in there that posterize the colors, make ripples etc.
  13. I have a modular weapon and tool mod that uses item modifiers to swap out parts like heads, blades, grips, etc. I found that I have to add a box collider to the base item around where the blade will be for hits to register, and make sure that the item modifiers do not have colliders. Ymmv, but I have tested this extensively. Just picture an axe handle with no head but a box collider around the end. The various axeheads are cosmetic and add dmg in the xml.
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