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  1. That should be in the perk code in progression.xml. there is certainly a blockdamage modifier that can be modded.
  2. Look for the sittable furniture mod, it has a bed that uses vehicle code to have the player lay down on it.
  3. You can modify cvars with items, see my cvar club snippet in my previous posts. If you want to access a particular enitiy's cvars and they are available to you, there is some prefix to add to the cvar name, unsure of the syntaxes. Hope that helps!
  4. Awesome! Also having incorrect colliders will do it, in case someone else has a similar issue.
  5. I sure hope not, I am using this property extensively. Also, plants rely on this to perpetuate so hopefully it stays.
  6. The status check buffs always are active on the character and are a good place to park buff triggers or initialize a buff on first spawn in. I usually use it to trigger my own hidden buff that persists through death to watch for things like character death and hang new buffs or debuffs on the character.
  7. Networked cvars are available between entities, non networked are only able to be used by the entity that owns it. I think.
  8. Please post if you find a solution, I have resigned myself to using buffs to display cvar values!
  9. You currently cannot, as the terrain textures are baked into the shader, much as changing the references in biomes.xml does nothing. If you look at my previous posts on my profile there are some discussions on this.
  10. The probability is really the size. There is a granular map generated of subbiomes- if you make the same map with parameters all the same except biome prob, the sub will be in exactly the same spot, just larger or smaller. Of course, the more sub types you have, the less likely a sub point is to be a particular type. If you have 2 different probs there will be the same number, just less area.
  11. Action0 is left mouse button and action1 is right. The power attack tag does other things- you could have a left button power attack if you wanted.
  12. If I remember, the explosion on hit is part of the projectile class.
  13. Not sure how best to describe this, but here goes... Skills are just a category header, they can't actually do anything. They just group perks. Perks can have levels, or if they are set to have only one level are just true or false. If you set the points to 0, you cannot put points into them. They can only be learned by books, buffs, etc.
  14. There is certainly room to think outside the box - imagine a group of blocks that you need to find. Each gives a small radius area buff and you cannot do x action unless you have all of the buffs. You could make assembling a machine or whatnot your focus, using existing models and have something new
  15. The modifier perc_add adds a certain percentage to a value if I remember correctly. If you search the vanilla xml you will see it used often. Generally any value that is set in xml can be modified by XPath, but there is very limited ability to change multiple things at a time. Using your example- all food items are defined individually so xml mods would have to define the changes individually. Some things like trees or other things "extend" from a master item so you can modify the master, with the children inheriting the changes. That is used infrequently in vanilla xml though.
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