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Is there a way to remove Ferals and Radiated zombies, ONLY during day time?

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Most of us probably set zombies running to Night only, because well, we want it at Night only. But now it seems at higher gamestages my friends and I on my Server are having major issues.


We are getting NOTHING BUT radiated and Ferals (runners) its gotten so annoying with the stamina issues as well.



Yes, we understand why this type of thing was impletemented, to keep players constantly on their toes at higher gamestages and to not get comfortable or bored with the lack of difficulty, but we simply don't want that play style and thats fine that the game is not tailored to our gamestyle, nor are we complaining/demanding the game be created in such a way.



Now, moving on. How in the HELL, do I remove ferals and Radiated zombies during the day time.


I saw this mod, but it completely removes the 2 types of zombies from both day and night. Not what we want, we just dont want runners during the day.

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Yeh look into entitygroups.xml


already done that. what im confused on is i have all groups in the spawning.xml set to spawn only the ZombiesAll group.. and this group only contains NON Feral and Radiated zombies.. so what im guessing is the gamestage is more what im looking at.

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