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Excluding XP entirely for a more overall experience


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Hi All,


I started thinking about a new mod but need to think on it really hard to come up with good ideas. My idea was to substitute XP with something else, meaning you would gain very little XP (if any) and you would gain levels consistently over time. The main problem here is ofcourse that the level is needed for scaling gamestage, making it essential to have higher level loot and zombies.


Thinking more about it, the easiest solution would be to:

- Clear all XP gains from any sources

- Change level requisites to 1 or 10 XP per level without any scaling (or perhaps some minor scaling)

- Add a buff which would grant minor XP for staying alive after some time (so granting levels over time)


What you guys think about it? Doable or a bad idea? How would you go around this whole idea?


Post your comments and ideas please!

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