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Navezgane Paper Mill Help


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Ok. The green trader in forest. Take the road to Est to the crossroad with some houses. You ll cross the village with pawn shop and aldo's cabinet, then library, then this village. Now go straigth to north, cross the bridge, you find another village, the papper mill is here.

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Or, the trader in the burnt biome, west, the road forks, take the right fork, follow to the main paved road. Turn north. Once you hit the snow biome, you will see the bridge, first village you come to, it's there. If you take the right in that village, it takes you to the stadium/police station town.


That all used to be plains/desert I believe.


(took me forever to find it. MadMoles pic of it, showed a lumberjack, so I checked all the snow areas till I found it)


It's worth it. Over 2k paper, all on the ground floor (lotsa construction guys, easy to clear) Is also a quest location,

so grab it once before you get the quest.


That's a lotta shotgun shells. :)

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