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Question about mods on servers.

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The ONLY thing pushed from servers are the xmls. Any mod that has ANY folder than the configs folder, has /something/ that won't get pushed.


...icons, resource files, localization, scripts...



Actually the ONLY thing i've seen that just isn't pushed, by my server, are the unity 3d models. The rest seem to get pushed but i never really looked at deeply into localization (other than copy/paste).


Oh, by the way, i got your shopping cart mod. It seems to require a workbench (must be specifically to your mods) that doesn't seem to have a recipe for it.

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If you're seeing icons on the client either they changed it (fantastic news) or you inadvertently had it installed. I'm still on 17.1 though so I hope it's the former. :)


Um, I'm not sure but I thought I had a recipe for it? I'm not big on providing recipes, but I remember doing one for that... Might be in the vehicle overhaul version.


I kept it simple if I recall, but I know I had to make the carts pick up able. 1 cart, some pipes, tires and an engine I think.

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