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War3zuk Modlet Pack AIO + Quest Chain


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War3zuk Modlet Pack AIO


My Modlet Pack contained within a single folder, Ive adjusted the old way of simply been given the Starter Chest with Items & decided to do the following:


Quest Chain of 5 Quests, Easy (Given Chest Paper once you visit the Trader) Replaces OLD quests..


Then the next set of quests kick in...


Quest Chain of 5 Quests Hard (Teaches you how to make the following)


HD Xcalibur Club (Custom Unity3D Model)

HD Mini Hatchet (Custom Unity3D Model)

HD Lock-pick (Custom Unity3D Model)

HD Wrench (Custom Unity3D Model)

Phury 9mm (Custom Unity3D Model) Does not require ammo


The Modlet itself contains many quality of life tweaks for the main game as well as many added Items that Ive done including


Penthrox Injection (Allows you to walk upto Zombies unharmed, Lasts 60s & requires Custom ingredients to produce like the Poison Vile with its own Unity3d Model...


Modlet includes everything ive made so Generic Ammo is included along with My Golden Ticket which allows you to convert 10,000 coins to a single ticket & then allows for the same conversion back so having a single ticket on you is less demanding on slots than having thousands in normal coins....


My Fav Punisher Magnum with Custom Model is also there, Along with the Custom M4A1, Ive adjusted things a little since the last update to work better with the Quests like all HD Items can be crafted on the player including the Phury 9mm although they do require a fair bit in resources..


**IMPORTANT** This replaces the normal quest line with its own dual set so if you place this in an already running game you do so at your own risk...


Not really sure if this is good enough to use but its here for anyone to have a go at lol..




Thanks Goto the following


mjrice ( Re-wrote your Zombie cream & added custom injector & vile to it )

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