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special zombie

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ok so i can edit my entitygroups to add my new zombie and in my spawning.xml im not sure what all the properties are.. this is what im looking at


<entityspawner name="Zombie_Football_Stadium_Med_Territorial">


<day value="*">

<property name="ResetToday" value="false" />


<property name="EntityGroupName" value="ZombieFootballStadiumGroup" />

<property name="Time" value="Any" />


<property name="DelayBetweenSpawns" value="0" />

<!-- in seconds -->

<property name="TotalAlive" value="6" />


<property name="TotalPerWave" value="6" />

<property name="DaysToRespawnIfPlayerLeft" value="5" /> <!-- in game days -->


<property name="AttackPlayerAtOnce" value="false" />


<property name="Territorial" value="false" />

<property name="TerritorialRange" value="100" />




what i want to do is only have my special zombie spawn here but what are the property names meanings?

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