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Welcome to GOONZ community

We are glad to announce that we have been here already 1 year!

We run one high performance server located in Germany, Frankfurt.

We have developed lots of custom mods.

Servers doesnt require client side extra downloads for mods.




Server name: [PVE] GRAND HOUSE - 500%XP - 300%LOOT

IP Address:



Map: http://map.goonz.eu


Server settings:

Game Difficulty: 4

Day Length: 90mins

Day Light Length: 18

Drop On Death: Nothing

Max Animals: 40

Zombie Movement (daytime, normal zombies): Jog

Zombie Movement (nighttime, normal zombies): Nightmare

Zombie Movement (Feral zombies): Nightmare

Zombie Movement (Blood Moon): Nightmare

Zombie difficulty: Feral

Loot Respawn Days: 1

LCB Protection: 100%

LCB Size: 41x41

LCB Count: 5

LCB Expiry Time: 30(irl days)

Map size: 8192x8192

Loot bonus: 200%

XP bonus: 500%

Air Drop Frequency: 12



See you on server, yours truly GOONZ TEAM.


Discord: http://goonz.eu/d


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