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  1. Bliphost.com - Launch game servers within minutes! Choose a game that you want to host, and we will take care of the rest. Most advanced control panel and premium support is always available. Available locations right now: Helsinki, Germany and Poland. More locations available soon. Instan Provision: Game server will be automatically setup right away for you to play. Free Off-Site Backups: We provide free daily off-site backups for you to deploy or download at any time. Mod Manager: Install and configure mods with our easy to use Mod Manager. NVME Storage: All servers have NVME SSD storage for no extra charge. Statisfaction Guarantee: We offer 72-hour Money-Back Guarantee for all orders. Premium Support: We're available 16/7/365 to assist you with any kind of questions or issues. All servers are currently hosted using powerful Ryzen 3800x 4.5Ghz or 3900X CPU dedicated servers with 1Gbps internet connections, NVME SSD storage and 64GB/128GB DDR4 RAM. The hardware does not have bottlenecks with any games, you can always upgrade your game servers dedicated allocated resources if necessary. The available **CPU** is shown to you in the server region location selector, regions can have different **CPU** depending on stock in that region. To get first month -50% off then use SNEAKNHIDE coupon code. Bliphost.com
  2. Update!! We got brand new PVP server aswell, more information can be found at sneaknhide.eu
  3. Created new zombies. 7 Done from total 32.
  4. Moved to new host. Ip updated. New 10k Map with lots of cityes. More information can be found at https://sneaknhide.eu/start
  5. https://sneaknhide.eu/start
  6. 6x Islands, 3 Megacityes! Lets goo!
  7. Fixed changed lot of things. Join our discord here: https://sneaknhide.eu/d
  8. Welcome to Sneak N Hide community server! We are glad to announce that we have been here already 1 year! We run one high performance server located in Germany, Frankfurt. We have developed lots of custom mods. Server doesnt require client side extra downloads for mods. [PVE] Sneak N Hide | 500%XP | 200%LOOT {LATEST_EXPERIMENTAL} Server settings See you on server
  9. 8thrbls


    [EU][PVE] GRANDHOUSE - 500%XP 200%LOOT Server ip: - steam://connect/ Server slots: 40 - Map: http://map.goonz.eu/
  10. hello,


    can you tell-me what is name of the server mods you use on server like the Artisan-Lab machine, and mobs and bosses ?




    Paulo Almas

    1. 8thrbls


      Hi most of them are my custom mods.

    2. ArNaLdInHo


      ha ok, you canot share ?

  11. 8thrbls

  12. 8thrbls


    Server name: [PVE] GRAND HOUSE - 500%XP - 300%LOOT IP Address:
  13. 8thrbls


    We still here. Goonz.eu | 7Days To Die GameServers
  14. 8thrbls


    7D2D Community | Goonz.eu
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