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I am looking to improve the RWG world creation times.


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I am looking to upgrade my computer to shorten the world creation times.


Currently a 16K map takes 118 minutes. I don't know why but I suspect I could use some more RAM


Windows 7 64bit

I currently use 8GB of RAM

an NVIDIA GTX-970 with 2GB of On Board RAM

A pile of poo 1TB hard drive

An MSI motherboad with a Quad Core


I will for sure upgrade to 12GB of ram. I think My HD is a slow brick so maybe that.. but graphics cards can get pricey.

Which of these Items has the greatest effect on World Creation times.


I will say that Once I get a map and start the game.. .It works nearly flawlessly.. I have really no performance problems in game at all.. but waiting for the RWG is Killing me.


Anyone have any advice.

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For a 16k map you're going to want 32GB RAM to really speed it up. With 16GB RAM and a SSD you're looking at about 45 minutes. With your platter drive, maybe an hour give or take.


CPU is going to make a big difference. Quad-core doesn't really say much. That could be a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 at 2.4GHz. Which would be "ok" for a16, but not really up to par for a17.


In any case, I'd strongly recommend 16GB before 12GB. If you have 8 now, and only add 4, you're not going to get a lot of improvement because you'll lose the dual-channel ability on the system. So you'll end up with more RAM that performs considerably slower. (Kinda like MS did with the XB1-X) With matched pairs you'll keep the speed boost you get from the dual-channel architecture. (Dual-channel architecture effectively doubles data throughput from RAM to the memory controller.) Though if you don't have dual-channel RAM now, it won't make too much difference, but it has been pretty commonly used since DDR2 RAM existed.

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