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A17 questions and issues.


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So I haven't been keeping up with each patch info and players posts but I'm curious about about things I hope someone can straighten out for me. I obviously don't have to restart a game for every single little patch to get the updates correct? I notice tons of new stuff but wonder if perhaps I'm missing others. Are they ever gonna get rid of super high level caps for smithing and other skills?


Also the bears. There should never, ever, be 1 bear all chilling in an attic of a fully built house, muchless 6.. So why in the world is every other building loaded with them? Absolutely ruins the thrill of clearing a house as it makes 0 sense. Zombies, sure. Boss at the end, please. But bears? How did they even get in there? They would have to be born in most of those houses/attics. 0 logic in whoever designed that nonsense. I understand it has something to do with my player stage or whatever but bears and wolves just chillin in a bathroom or an attic. Sure hope theres a way to fix that without completely restarting my game for a 3rd time since first a17 patch.


Its late, I'm tired and annoyed with too many freaking bears. So I apologize for the jumbled mess. If you make it out and can drop some knowledge on me, please do. Any and all inside yeah? Thanks.

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..... I obviously don't have to restart a game for every single little patch to get the updates correct?

The BEST way to handle ea games, inclusive 7D2D

is to wipe all everytime you patch.

If you want a long term game simply make a copy of your game (the whole 7D2D folder) and play in future this copy by starting the launcher.exe in it. This way you can be 100% sure that no update will ever touch your game.

Alternative you can (at least for 7D2D) choose a fixed version in the Beta tab on steam


That said, if a wipe is necessary depends completly on the patch. TFP TRY to make wipes only necessary with major Patches.


And this said.

Houses full of bears was a result if you did not wipe berween two earlyer versions of A17 (in dezember ?) where they changed ID´s of entitys.

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Gah so the whole bears in houses has been fixed then? My only option at this point is just to restart. At level 60. fuhh. I cant say I enjoy the level 70 steel smithing cap. It seems abit excessive. Would be better around 40-50. Just my opinion

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