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Here's one important thing this game is not utilizing...


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Hail and well met!!


Don't get me wrong but I and our group love the game. I would also like to note that as of A17 the game had been re-written from the ground up. In having to do so - everything is 'new' and different. That doesn't mean that everything will be as it 'currently is.' For example I envision that with the AI - they wrote the best AI they could in the relatively short amount of time they had, so what do we end up with AT THE MOMENT? Smart Zombies! Anyway that doesn't mean it wont change or anything else. Remember back in A16? When we had the weird POI's? Doesn't it look similar? Yes it does! Anyway to continue...


Human adaptability is what differentiates humans from all others. The ability to adapt to the environment, their immediate surroundings, etc and to 'get through the tough or dare I say "dire times.'" And yes I do know this is a game! But a great game it will be. Anyway - lets take the example of 'scrap iron' for instance, nothing prevents me from taking scrap iron and using it as a pick! The same goes for steel too! Only the limitations within the game prevents me as a player to do such. My argument on human adaptability is a strong and logical one as we all should know. For a little real world example I present you with this video from the Viet Nam era '

' personnel. The SEABEE's are another example. I'm sure almost all of you can come up with 'human adaptability' options that we can think of that aren't implemented within the game.


From my point of view 'as a player' we're spawned into the game with stuff... At the present time there isn't much of an official back story, but I do remember seeing some stuff about the timeline being about 20 to 50 years after a nuclear war. So we players are the offspring of survivors of this post apocalyptic world. With that little tidbit we should know that we would be raised and taught by our parent(s), or community with the basic knowledge of survival. Things such as making food, basic tools all should be a given as well as basic medicine. But as I noted for "Scrap Iron" and 'scrap steel' for that matter our human adaptability and general knowledge would give us the ability to make scrap iron tools or scrap steel tools and a lot more. I mean if I am able to make a stone axe, then with a piece of scrap iron that could be used as an axe or a piece of scrap steel there is nothing that should prevent me from using it as such. But as I and others have made the argument for something like 'lights on helmets' or 'lights on guns' where you can in reality and logically take a flashlight and duct tape it to your weapon of choice or helmet, hand or your shoulder, etc... Should also be a given.


Making or forging iron would probably be considered a basic necessity and would be taught at the intermediate stage of 'human life.' Say for instance possibly age 10 or so... When we spawn into the world it would seem that 'our' age is some where in between the late teens and early 20's. Making forged steel would be an advanced 'class' lol Things like military fiber and some mods would be at least a 'specialist' class, opening the necessity to learn them. It would also stand to reason that the first things you make with forged steel would 'fail' or 'not work as intended' since you may have messed up with making the item as is what generally happens in real life.


So for me at least there should be this human adaptability factor that's not really implemented that could open up an interesting world we have with 7 Days To Die. What do you think? What things should be a 'given' as far as crafting, etc.?

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I like the thoughts, but I feel like it belongs to a different game.


There are survival games that are ridiculously unrealistic, where how you do things and explanations as to how you do them are completely tossed out the window.


There are survival games that are ridiculously realistic, where every singe thing you do is feasible and backed by all known sciences of the universe.


7D2D is probably directly in the middle. Some elements are realistic, others not at all. Now, suggesting that it starts to lean in one direction over the other is going to cause a lot of problems. Most players of this game are not new players. They do not want to twist plant fibers for hours to make twine to twist together to make rope to be used to make a ladder. They also don't want to see ladders falling out of the sky when a ladder is needed.

Now, take all the new players and maybe some old with these same ideas. Out of those, some will want hyper-realism and the others want hyper-fantasy. You could literally take the game the way it is right now and split it into three different versions. One like it is now, one hyper-real, one hyper-fake... and each of these games would evolve independently with a completely different look and feel, if not completely different gameplay.


So, the point is I don't see 7D2D moving in either direction. With a small team working on one game, their time is best maximized by standing firm in this middle ground while letting modders change the game to appeal to either crowd.

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I think what you're asking for might already be in the game: As you play the game in Alpha 17, you accumulate points for XP. You "adapt" to the environment and learn how to do things by putting your points into the perks you want to learn—getting better and better over time. Am I correct in assuming this, or are you speaking of something entirely different?


Question for you: What do you think about adding scuba diving and underwear looting to the game? I posted this idea with the following title (so you can search for it): Devs: Would you consider adding Scuba Diving Gear to the game in A18?


The devs are pretty responsive to the community, as they are demonstrating by changing the official Alpha 17 release into what the community wants. I'm hoping to get enough positive responses for this idea to move it forward. I would appreciate your support (and your friend's support if you play with others). Thanks!

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