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Textures and Items


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Hi All


I am busy playing on a private server and I am running into a few issues.


One is the lack of textures when painting stuff, I just feel like there is very few pristine items to choose from when wanting to make something look nice.


Other issue I am having is that I cant craft certain items, Like a nice looking wooden door which do exist in the game but I cant make them.


I feel that there is a lot of items I cant make and I want to be able to make them in my new building to make it look nice but I simply cant, like the horrible looking single light bulb, I love some lamps and light fittings.


I did run into a bug, a fellow player mined out a lead vein under my base, which is a Former Joes Bros construction site, and somewhere along the line the cell reset back to default and the lead vein filled up as well as if it had never been mined.

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