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  1. I dont think any new perks will be added now, they are pushing hard for beta and then gold.
  2. My guess would be that its too limited you can only really use that zombie in one POI, its the same reason why cheerleaders, footballer and strippers have all been removed or replaced. They are too unique and would only make sense in one location, far better to have some generic zombies that can be used anywhere, than one or two you can only really use in one POI.
  3. Please use some spacing, no one is going to read that wall of text. 2nd you were doing something, it does not matter if your were crouched or not you will still make some noise. Direwolfs are not new they have been around for years, I dont see TFP changing an section of the game due you dying once to a wolf, it happens to all of us dying is a part of the game you will die and you will die a lot. They are pushing to get the game done and I highly doubt that this will be changed. I have been killed more times by that damn boar than any other animal in the game including dogs lol
  4. Thanks so much for the feedback this is why I love this game so much the feedback from the dev is simply amazing!
  5. @faatal How is the water going any tidbits that you are willing to share with us or are we going to have to wait for the live stream?
  6. Its finally here I tested every weapon in 7D2D https://youtu.be/QFYFEjg2MR8
  7. Good Day The Download link seems to be broken, it gives me a 404 Error.
  8. What I would like in some point in the future is some clean textures to use in the buildings, I dont mind if its modded or not, just bugs me I build this house and the windows are dirty and walls are run down and the paint is faded.
  9. Wow how did I miss that, that is awesome !!!!!!
  10. Most likely MechanicalLens is a tester for TFP
  11. So my first viewer request episode is up! We cover DX11, Vulcan and GLCore and Occulsion.
  12. You the corpse of the creation engine 3.0, maybe now they will move off of the game byro engine which they have been using since Oblivion which came out in 2006. Its a utter nightmare to work in and use, crashes all the time and unstable as anything.
  13. So in this episode we got a lot done, We strip a bunch of cars, loot some buildings and build some very interesting items and begin the renovation of our first building.
  14. I am sorry to hear about the glitch and that you lost a lot of work, by the sounds of it you had the POI reset glitch. I had it happen to me and I lost half a hotel to it. You are playing on a console and that version has not been updated in years and was a mix mash of A15 and A16, we are up to A19 on PC and the game has changed a lot in that time. The console will not be getting updated until the PC version goes gold and even then it will take a long time to do so as TFP are not a console dev company.
  15. The new linear lighting makes such a large difference, huge shout out to the Team for putting it in:)
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