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  1. Its finally here I tested every weapon in 7D2D https://youtu.be/QFYFEjg2MR8
  2. Good Day The Download link seems to be broken, it gives me a 404 Error.
  3. What I would like in some point in the future is some clean textures to use in the buildings, I dont mind if its modded or not, just bugs me I build this house and the windows are dirty and walls are run down and the paint is faded.
  4. Wow how did I miss that, that is awesome !!!!!!
  5. Most likely MechanicalLens is a tester for TFP
  6. So my first viewer request episode is up! We cover DX11, Vulcan and GLCore and Occulsion.
  7. You the corpse of the creation engine 3.0, maybe now they will move off of the game byro engine which they have been using since Oblivion which came out in 2006. Its a utter nightmare to work in and use, crashes all the time and unstable as anything.
  8. So in this episode we got a lot done, We strip a bunch of cars, loot some buildings and build some very interesting items and begin the renovation of our first building.
  9. I am sorry to hear about the glitch and that you lost a lot of work, by the sounds of it you had the POI reset glitch. I had it happen to me and I lost half a hotel to it. You are playing on a console and that version has not been updated in years and was a mix mash of A15 and A16, we are up to A19 on PC and the game has changed a lot in that time. The console will not be getting updated until the PC version goes gold and even then it will take a long time to do so as TFP are not a console dev company.
  10. The new linear lighting makes such a large difference, huge shout out to the Team for putting it in:)
  11. I was in London the other day and ye I had to keep winding my eyes back in my head. Women wearing no shirt only a leather jacket and a bra and plenty of jiggle, or runners again in London that dont wear any supporting garments same thing happens. I dont see this as issue at all, I mean have you seen dead or alive volley ball, Skyrim, Fallout 4 mods, SoulCalibre or my favorite Conan Exiles where you could have huge breasts or a foot long shlong with both of them having jiggle physics. I cant wait to see the gasser and all his loose fat jiggle and move and he walks to you.
  12. Having used combo pack, the POI are no where near the Fun Pumps quality esp the new POI, some are just not complete, missing textures incomplete spawners, or broken buildings, or are getting 10 copies of the same building in a town. I love that they are there and we can use them but each would have to be taken on its merits and give a good going over to make sure its good enough and fits the theme and it is not a buggy mess to be used in the full game. Some of them for me have spawned half into the ground or did not have any zombie spawners in them.
  13. Yup that ladders issue has been a problem for years and I am so glad its been fixed now, I am loving all the bug fixes and improvements in each patch.
  14. Maybe try to be helpful, instead of moaning about things on your 4th post.
  15. My video on All the Graphics settings in 7 Days to die and how they impact your system and what to turn off an on to get better FPS is up on Youtube. I hope this helps someone get better FPS 😁
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