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  1. 7D2D Alpha 20 News In this video we cover the 2nd half of the dev stream of 7D2D Alpha 20 and wow is there a lot to cover here. Start 00:00 Part 1 00:16 Shaders Outro 20:27 Subscribe On Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/c/OneForAllGaming1985 7D2D Alpha 20 News In this video we cover the 1st half of the dev stream of 7D2D Alpha 20 and wow is there a lot to cover here. Start 00:00 Part 1 00:16 Ambulance Outro 14:27 Subscribe On Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/c/OneForAllGaming1985
  2. @faatal With the new blocks and the reduced blocks upgrades, is there anything else changing about the SI system or is it pretty as is for now? Also what are you currently working on?
  3. Here is Summary of all the new zombies, gibs and more.
  4. I am only half way on the numbers needed on Youtube sigh, just have to keep trying.
  5. So much information has come out for A20 and here is the start of my coverage of it. In this video we cover the new Zombies in A20 In this video we cover the some of the new random world generation in A20. We Cover all the news In the First A20 Dev Stream, prepare for information overload.
  6. Please Sir, can I have more....
  7. @faatal @Kinyajuu 1. What are you Currently working on? 2. Can you maybe post a screen shots of the new City Generation/ RWG? 3. Any on idea streaming dates? 4. With Streaming dates can we have some in Uk/Europe Timezones, 3 am is a bit early 5. Is there anything we can do as the community to help you guys out?
  8. I did a video on Dx11 vs Vulcan and its almost no difference performance wise and it was not all that stable
  9. Thanks for the screen shot , its looking great. I just have some questions if I may be so bold 1. Can we go into those tunnels? 2. New bridge and can we build it? 3. New Under construction building? 4. If we put down a bed in a large POI will we have to keep clearing it out? 5. New POI's? 6. Love the blending of the snow and dirt looks really good 7. Can see the zoning at work seems to go from Heavy industrial, to home to business district
  10. Today we go through which is most likely the biggest change to come to 7D2D in a very long time possibly ever. A whole new way to generate city's and it gives them nearly endless possibilities. I go through the video and answer some of the questions we asked of the dev of 7D2D, there is quite a bit of technical speak in here and it is still early days but I am super excited about this. If I missed someone or messed something up let me know but this is how I understand this awesome new tech Special Thanks to the following for asking the questions on the Forums and to anyone else I may have missed. ZZTong Lazman Jost Amman
  11. 1. With this new tech is there a way to stop the same kind of shop populating the same tile, eg two different Shamway foods? 2. Can we build a subway system that can interconnect across different tiles? 3. In the world gen options can we set city size? 4. Could we make a football stadium across 4 different tiles and have them line up in the world gen? 5. Does the Distant POI work correctly with this new tech? Thanks again Knyajuu
  12. In the video they are using 2020.3.1f1 and on twitter they did say they might have a higher version they are working with.
  13. From the sound of it, we will have city tiles to make unique city's and other tiles that will fit into the wilderness as POI, like a ranger cabin or the like. Also from Kinyajuu 1. Yes, wilderness. anything above 100 probably won't fit the largest and the hard rule is nothing bigger than the poi marker size. The code for smaller Prefabs to get centered when a smaller one is chosen is already in place, it's simply turned off while we get things finished up as we don't want non standards popping up in test generations.
  14. Pretty much, for instance if red square = housing and grey = industrial ect
  15. Would it be possible for you to tell us what they are? Thanks for answering so quickly
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