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  1. I cant speak for the team but there is a whole new linear lighting engine plus fog tech plus horizon tech going in. Maybe one of the team will give us a tidbit
  2. They may change the current end game, but MM has said the current end game will be quests or something similar from traders or the like. We shall wait and see what they do. I would love it if there was a storyline of how you annoyed The Duke and he has dumped you in the forest/wasteland/desert (depending on difficulty) and is toying with you and you can go get revenge or not / or make peace with him/her or build your rival bandit empire or capture his base hidden somewhere random from you on the current map you are on. You have to fight off bandit attacks on your base, blood moon hoard and more. This is a flight of fancy of mine, I am sure they want to get the game done and dusted now.
  3. The following is everything I can find that is coming to A19 Linear Lighting Horizon Tech Fog Tech Some New Textures Updated Zombies New Weapons New POIs Candy Vastly Updated AI Swimming Zombies New Bookshelves Redone Cement Mixer New Zombies New Winter Trees New Creepy Mannequins New Couch New Freezers New Drones New Driver New Beds New Stone Axe New Backpack New Trader Jen Rebalanced Game leveling Much slower progression of game Possible forest start? Reduced perk tree Vomiting removed Health + Stamina Bars Changes to eating and drinking I can't think of anything else currently, feel free to add or delete as needed
  4. I dont see the Fun Pimps adopting ECS for this game. I think they are very much getting content in, bug fixes and get the game to gold status. Anything else I think would be pie in the sky to Quote Joel
  5. Designing the base to fight for you is fine, not a problem. I don't enjoy it when they do endless loops due the AI exploits, but to each his own.
  6. Hi There MechanicalLens I dont use any exploits in my current series, that said I did build my base way to big for now lol. I am playing on warrior difficulty on my youtube series and its kicking my butt at hoard night but that is due my base is 30% complete and I am running 64 zombies alive. Once my base is semi complete it will handle the hoard no problem with no exploits, I know Fataal has changed the way AI works A19, so I am hoping that exploits get broken. As Madmole has said, people will always find a way to cheat the AI, I prefer taking them head on at all times. When clearing a POI I never use the block in front a doorway trick, close doors yes, run screaming like a scared school girl yes. Impossible to defend is rubbish, you have 4 kinds of turrets, so many kinds of traps, spikes, razor wire, reinforced concrete and steel and your own firepower. If you build a little bit and place the right traps you can stop anything. There is been lazy and been efficient and that is the latter. Do I want rewrite the same line codes, over and over again, nope automate some it and be done with it.
  7. Thanks for the Reply, Damocles. Could it not work by loading the chunks in like Minecraft does, I have some knowledge of how the systems work in general but I am no expert. I have messed around with every engine level designer since Build was a thing. I am well aware that currently that they are doing a polish and bug squash to get the game done, so it will not happen anytime soon. Just thinking of the future and what could possibly happen in the future. I am already very happy with the models and textures we are getting in A19, that stone block and wooden floor texture. I already have plans for them haha.
  8. With the hoard nights, would be possible have an option that lets them keep coming until 4am, So if you have 24 alive it will keep spawning a max of 24 until 4am and then taper off or does it already do this. I cant remember.
  9. Ludicrous Looting, We loot 3 poi in this extra long episode today, So what do we loot, well I am so glad you asked, The Holme Depot and two military POI. We are also testing a new feature today call, Play of the day, So come check if you agree with my choice of POTD. We also do a fair bit of upgrading to the base in prep for hoard night so come along to see what we get done. So today we do a lot of building, and what do I mean by a lot of building, well I go through 800 Forged Iron, over 2000 Concrete Mix, Half the Amazon forest in wood and use enough clay to make 10 000 plates. Is it going to be enough to stop the massive hoard night that is fast approaching, we shall see but I have my doubts..... We also cover how the block system works and how many you can stack in a horizontal plane before that break off.
  10. Is this a Unity limitation or a Voxel limitation that you have to do it this way? How would you go about getting around this for the say the next game?
  11. Even on Day 14, I am still using my level 3 bow, level 4 spear and level 3 club as they are still effective. I had hardly ever used the blunder buss, due to the fact I almost always found a pistol/Shotgun at the same time, so there was never a need to use it. I only swop to another weapon if I run into something hairy like Shamway foods, that POI kicked my butt.
  12. In my current series, I have just hit day 14 and I am also level 30, although I did spend the last two in game days just building and mining. I am really excited to see the new progression system, I currently have tier 4 tools and a level 2 AK which I made.
  13. Its one of the reasons I love 7 days to die so much, is the fact you building anything anywhere in a Quasi realistic fashion. There are other survival games that have building out here that have building but either its a Set building you can upgrade or a bit of terrain that is marked for you to build on. There is nothing out there like 7D2D where you can build anywhere, dig anywhere and has satisfying combat in it. Yes it is has its issues and taken far to long in Alpha but when you are building something truly unique it takes time. Its a lot easier to build a survival game where you don't have to worry about, what if a player digs out all my foundations of this building.
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