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Additional Landclaims


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Good Morning,


Is there a way to edit my server so I can have additional land claims? I run my own server and my players have multiple bases. I'd like to be able to add additional landclaims, not just for their protection but so I can reset regions without wiping their properties.


Thanks for your help



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CSMM Patrons Mod (CPM) has this functionality. You can set it to allow up to 5 LCB's per player. It's a little wonky as you have to re-log after placing any LCB over the second one for it to work, but it's the best you'll get until TFP changes it.


You'll get reset regions, custom claims, and a whole lot more too.


It's free, and does not require use of CSMM. Though they do pair very nicely for managing your servers.

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