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[Help] Custom weapon model positioning


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Hello guys, long time since I last bothered you :D


Ok, I decided to give custom models a try, so I can take my mod ideas further. Basic idea to start: implement new melee weapons. Followed a tutorial (thanks Xyth!) and made a few models that are now working ingame, but they are completely offset. My issue is that moving the item in Maya doesn't seem to reflect ingame, and the import translation settings are locked in Unity (WHY GOD).


I'm new to Unity so if there's a way to unlock it please tell me, didn't found one so far. I use Maya LT if that's relevant.


Btw I also struggle to resize another weapon (a scythe) as it's half the size of the other models I have when working in maya, but ingame it appears as the same size.


Thank you guys :)


EDIT: I'm watching more videos and just realized it may be the centered pivot point? forgive my sins if this is actually the issue, working to try it again

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