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The Class game


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The Class game will create unique game experience for a player if he wants to try something different.It requires your imagination and some self-discipline. Here how it works. I will set a system of rules so you know how to create new class. I will create first class for someone to start. The player that is up for a challenge uses this class for his next playthrough and posts antoher class for next player.


Here are the rules:


1) NAME - Choose a name fitting to your class


2) ATTRIBUTES - Pick two MAIN attributes,one SECONDARY, one NEUTRAL and one RESTRICTED


-Two main attributes can be leveld with no restrictions

-Secondary attribute cannot be raised above main attribute (the lower one)

-Neutral attribute cannot be raised above secondary

-Restricted attribute cannot be raised above neutral and its maximum is level 5 until all other attributes reaches lvl 10


Basicly you need to level attributes from most important to least ones.


3) PERKS - Every main attribute needs two MASTERY PERKS from its group (total of 4) plus one FOCUSED PERK from secondary attribute


-mastery perks can be level with normal game design

-focused perk cannot be raised above mastery perk (the lowest one)

-all the rest of perks cannot be raised above focused perk


4) MAIN WEAPONS - pick TWO weapons that should be your bread and butter of your daily combat

5) SECONDARY WEAPONS - pick THREE weapons, these are your second choice

6) FORBIDDEN WEAPONS - pick FIVE weapons, you can NEVER use these

x) TEMPORARY WEAPONS - weapons that didnt make to point 4,5 and 6 are temporary. They can be used only if main or secondary weapons are unavaible (early game,just died)

7) ARMOR - pick up to THREE armor types that class can use ( NONE if class doesnt use armor),all other armors are forbidden

8) FORBIDDEN ITEMS - short list of forbidden items or vehicles ( just try to make it short and reasonable)


I know it seems complicated but give it a try.You can cheat your way through so just be honest with yourself


So here is the first Class:





2)Attributes:MAIN - strenght and endurance

SECONDARY - intellect

NEUTRAL - perception

RESTRICTED - agility


3)Perks: Mastery perks(strenght) Sexual tyrannosaurus,Skull crusher

Mastery perks(endurance) Heavy armor,Pain Tolerance

Focused perk(intellect)Physician


4)Main weapons: Sledgehammer

Iron Reinforced Club


5)Sec.Weapons: Crossbow


44 magnum


6)Forbidden weapons: AK-47

Hunting rifle

Marksman Rifle


Rocket Launcher


7) Armor: Scrap




8) Forbiden items: Bicycle



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