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Question: How to Add Trader Protection to a Prefab


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Alright so, I looked into the trader's xmls and copied it into the xml for my prefab.


The file location of my prefab is in


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs


The coding I've added for my prefab is


    <property name="TraderArea" value="True" />
   <property name="TraderAreaProtect" value="71,71,71" />
   <property name="TraderAreaTeleportSize" value="1, 1, 1" />
   <property name="TraderAreaTeleportCenter" value="1, 1, 1" />


I wasn't sure is 71,71,71 would cover the 71 block LCB area (or if that just needed to by 35), so I went with the extra precaution of making it bigger.


I assumed changing the teleport values to 1 would prevent the teleport (as I had saw this mentioned when I tried to do a search for protections and they mentioned changing the values to 1 to allow a trade post to be destroyed, so was safe to assume this ment off)


Now, I've tried to play test this as a Play Test from the editor, as well as importing it into a live solo game. Neither of which seem to prevent damage like a trader. Things can still be damaged and destroyed.


What am I doing wrong? Is there some where else I need to import the xml into? I can't find any other folder for prefabs.


I would also like to figure out how to turn on the teleport, but keep a space inside for a player killer jail. So that is a PKer gets sent to jail, they wont be teleported out, but everyone else around it would.


Is any of this possible?


I look forward to you help!

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