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  1. When I click play game, this is all I get. And the errors stays the same and just keeps scrolling with new time stamps.
  2. Summary: Cooking Issues 1: Boiled Water will have a negative cook time, will cook almost instantly, and will not cook the right amount. If I try to cook a full stack of Murky Water (125) into Boiled Water, I will only get a return of 93 Waters. Cooking these is a 1 to 1 ratio, so I should get back 125 waters. So I tried cooking it in batches of 60, and I still ended up with only 93. I'm not getting the same results, but there is definitely something wrong with the over crafting timer. - Schwanz9000 2: Unable to cook items as "max available". Sometime when I make something, for example, Sham Chowder, if I can make 46 of them, nothing will happen when I click craft, I will have to lower the amount I'm trying to make until it finally accepts my order queue. This should already be fixed. - Schwanz9000 3: When canceling a cooking queue, I am getting extra materials, like yesterday I canceled some Meat Stew to make some Tea, and then restarted the meat stew and had extra meat left over. Start a new game and see if you're still having these issues. - Schwanz9000 In the future, only ONE bug per report please. Thanks! - Schwanz9000
  3. Summary: Demolishers Way over tuned. Hello PurgatoryWolf! The demolishers were affected by a bug where their explosiondamage would be reduced by a landclaim, that bug is fixed with A18.1 and they are now ready to cause real damage to player structures. -Hated
  4. Summary: Horde Night Stops Server Wide if someone dies or logs off This is a known issue that has already been fixed for a future update. Thanks!-Schwanz9000
  5. Summary: Constant and Random Crashes + Vehicle Duping Game Version: A18 b155 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows Game mode: MP client on dedi, RWG Did you wipe old saves? Yes Did you start a new game? Yes Did you validate your files? Yes Are you using any mods? CPM - Server Moderation Only EAC on or off? On Status: NEW Bug Description: Several people on our servers are having some pretty server connection issues. We have a lot of people crashing to the menu, all using different systems. And at different times. My group, most of the time, would crash at the same time, but some would go down on their own randomly. We are also seeing a ton of vehicle duping. Some times when a player places a vehicle is copies right then and there. Other times it dupes at a previous location. For example: I was with 2 other people last night, we rode to the trader, got off out mini-bikes, sold some stuff to the trader, and we left. When we came back, copies of our bikes were laying in front of the trader. I cleaned them up, then it happened again, and again, and again. I ended up having to clean up 5 or 6 bikes. It almost felt like every time we crashed, it made a copy of the bike on the ground. Pastebin was too large for one: #1: https://pastebin.com/sy3ZsT0b #2: https://pastebin.com/FjVVmKk9
  6. Summary: If a player dies on horde night, zombies stop spawning for the entire server *************************************** (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) already reported and addressed in future build. (hopefully) Thanks ***************************************
  7. LOD 0% Erases all ground detail. Summary: LOD 0% Erases all ground detail. Version: 18e b139 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows Game mode: MP Client - Dedi - RWG Did you wipe old saves? y Did you start a new game? y Did you validate your files? y Are you using any mods? y - CPM (Server Moderation Only) EAC on or off ? ON Status: NEW Bug Description: When I first logged into 18e b139 all the ground was white, at first I thought I spawned in the snow, but then I realized that I was in fact in the desert. I tried relogging and it didn't change anything. Went into my settings and took a look around, the only thing I didn't know for sure was the LOD setting. It was sitting at 0%. So I ticked it up one notch to 5% and BAM I had ground texture! I'm sure this is a bug, as I can't see it being desirable for TFP to have players playing with no ground texture at all. Reproduce steps: Turn LOD to 0% Actual result: No ground texture, just white/grey. Expected result: Poor Ground Texture
  8. Maybe do like Conan Exiles did? Have a BED at your base for permanent spawn point, but also allow a temporary spawn point via bedroll?
  9. I actually think he addressed this before and said that it would? But I can't quote the post on it right now, i just swear I remember reading it or seeing it.
  10. Driving around on BM to avoid zombies, isn't much different than people climbing up towers in a POI to avoid BM. Or attempting to swim all night to avoid it, or what ever else means they will do. some people just dont like BM and will do whatever to not deal with it. youll never be able to FORCE people to deal with it, because they will always come up with a way to avoid it if that's what they want to do.
  11. You mean Door Knobs from DOORS or just from random loot like we have now? Tell me we get them from doors now!
  12. roland you are way behind on the Clean thread! https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?111801-Official-Alpha-18-Dev-Clean-thread
  13. when my husband plays DEAD IS DEAD on MP servers, he just leaves the server if he dies. End of story.
  14. Some requests from our servers: 1: Please move the chat box back into the corner. 2: Please make zombie loot bags last at least 15 minutes. 3. Can we get door knobs from wrenching certain house doors? 4. Could vehicles not destroy our own blocks / allies blocks? 5. We can lock turrets ammo, why not work station tools? 6. Can we please have the Bookcase Paint back?
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