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  1. So a modder helped me out, and said all i needed to do was go into the blocks.xml and create a new block for each trader using the template of the Traderspawn block. it works.. thank you for reaching out.
  2. Pille's editor? Originally I thought that I could look at the XML of each Traders prefab to see what I would need to do. And I thought I was onto something when I opened up the first two because their number sequence was different. But then the next to you had the same numbers as the first two so I knew that wasn't it.
  3. Storage Chests and Boxes are all automatically locked when placed. Would it be possible to have the Vehicles automatically lock when placed as well? This is a common request on our servers, people always forget to lock their vehicle after placing it, then they come back to their vehicle after visiting a Trader, or clearing a POI and someone has stolen it. I know for those on SP games this is a useless feature really, but on MP servers, it's a quality of life thing.
  4. Backstory: In alpha 17 I built a Trading Post that housed vending machines that I would rent out for free to anyone on the server who wanted one. (I'm an admin). So that there could be one central location for people to congregate to if they wished. When a18 introduced Traders quests, I introduced a room that would house all 5 Traders, to make it extra special. However, I could not figure out how to get them to spawn in with import of the building, or even to spawn in with the editor load of my save file. I had to manually spawn them in every time we imported it into the game. Now
  5. @madmole would it be possible for vehicles to be automatically locked when you place them down? Like storage boxes. That's been around for a while actually.
  6. 25 cents an hour eh? Lol. I love this game. And I love my community. But I definitely wouldn't pay a sub for it. @madmole Would it be possible to have vehicles be locked when you place them? similar to placing a storage box? So that players don't have to remember to lock every time they have to pick it up and place it. 😊 pretty please
  7. My husband has the SAME graphic SETTINGS as I do for 7d2d, but his game looks more like that guys screenshot than it does my game. it has something to do with his graphics card. he doesnt have any of those nvidia settings and what not, he doesnt even know how to do that. i dont know why his game looks worse than mine, other than i have a better card and more ram. Hey Madmole, are you still doing your own Personal Dev Blog? If so what's the link?
  8. I've been part of a gaming community for 7d2d since I started playing in Alpha 15. Our servers typically have 10 to 30 people on them at any given time. At peak hours they are often full. I saw someone earlier ask about the % of multiplayers out there. You can get a good idea of some of that, by looking at the "join game" list. Hundred of servers, a good many of them with over 15 people at anytime. I would feel quite comfortable in saying that a good majority of the players out there play on Public MP servers with MORE than 8 people. Honestly, the game is fun on your own, or with a small handf
  9. And I thought I had my graphics set to low... wow.
  10. Mutations are easy to explain when you have radiation suits and radiation areas. I always felt like the wasteland should have some minor radiation effects, so that the rad suits had a use. Ah, I always sniped them out of the sky. I remember rushing to my kill to try and skin it before it vanished to get some honey.
  11. What "wasp issue"? I actually like the wasps more than the vultures.
  12. When you unwrap hundreds of bottles, most that still have stuff in them.. for sure... I think ill have "honeysuckle" scenting my brain for the rest of my life.
  13. OH! I joined in alpha 15, so I remember the "make it to skill it" .. didnt like it.. all i miss was using the workbench to combine stuff to upgrade / repair stuff. Okay, I always saw the LBD and was like, wtf is that? thank you for answering. Yeah, we've learned a long time ago to take dates with a grain of salt, but it doesn't mean we can't get our hopes up. lol. I spent the day at my mothers going through like 20 boxes of 20 to 60 year old AVON products... I cannot wash myself enough to get the smell off me. I was hoping i could come home and roll some zeds for stable, but it shall have
  14. I am NOT trying to be a troll or make a debate or anything. But i've always wondered, because I've seen it pop up in the forums every onces in a while.. what is "LBD" ? Also, is there any sort of date that we can look forward to, cross our fingers and toes, for stable?
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