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7th Day Horde, no base, insane difficulty, 50% gamma, 32 horde number


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Part 1,



Part 2


So I had a lot of fun actually making this run.


Level 25 by day 7, because I focused on leveling, I took this run way more seriously than any of my previous ones.


I had to do a lot of things different such as my starting skill lineup just to survive dealing with high difficulty enemies.


Power leveled first few levels in burned forest, the enemies glow so are easy to spot, and they don't really do anything special.


Increasing Perception,boom;headshot was a must for this, more damage = faster killing = more leveling and less grinding (less arrows per kill meaning you run out slower )


Ignored pack mule and intelligence, put 1 point into pack mule just so I wasn't dealing with encumbrance every 5 minutes, but it was about my 6th or 7th point.


Increased agility and cardio, the mobility was a must to make this smoother.


Followed up last few levels before horde by beefing up my fortitude and pain tolerance, I didn't want an unlucky stun gank.


So how did this turn out? Better than I expected!


The early game I nearly had a heart attack, starting with 2 dogs as I spawned in between Burned Forest and Wasteland, managed to kill them without taking any damage. (Literally it was the 3rd and 4th enemy I dealt with! )


Took anything as my starting base just to unload stuff, cook, and craft, I only made 2 doors.


Hunted even at night, electing to spam hit with arrows even if it wasn't a headshot, simply to flinch lock the zeds.


Abandoned early starting base as by the wastelands I was dealing with Wraiths and Ferals at day 2! took some essential supplies and left the others to be retrieved late on day 6, going deeper into Burned Forest.


I was literally surrounded by wasteland on almost all cardinals, I found a desert that I explored and grinded xp in.


Day 3 I had a funny incident which caused me to die and started a chain of me dying 2 more times.



The Worst of my run


Very first Spam can I eat, gives me illness and food poisoning, taking my only first aid bandage so I could explore and level up without vulture harassment.


Slow horde spawns in, I'm breaking a rock, I was like "Oh, okay, free xp, nice!" Vulture swoops down in my blind spot and hits me 3 times, I pull out a pistol, kill it, then turn around about to pop a pain killer and a freaking SNAKE hit me and killed me! I was so humiliated...not having a bedroll made yet the game sent me as far away from my land claim as possible, which was of course... in the wasteland, probably the biggest mistake ever was not putting that bedroll down.


I re spawned with the illness debuff, which turned into food poisoning, how I don't know. I made it back to my base, starting to recover, hear a dog attacking outside, I go outside, unwisely pop it with a few shots of my pistol, and a feral nearby proceeds to kill me for the second time. (That's when I decided to take a few things and move, upon returning to grab my bag a wraith 1-shot me.


This severely crippled me; my stam cap was down to 46 from 100, I was going insane on my long walk back, found a beer in a cooler and it helped me get back around a dog or two.


I lost so much valuable leveling time from that. Lesson Learnt,

Vultures spawn with Event Horde and they will attack if you're 100% hp.

(Place your bedroll down you stubborn idiot...you're good but not invincible) (personal note to self )


Illness buff lasted for an hour, in which I decided to simply remove it with console command.


The Best of my run


Found water coolers in my first POI, and got plenty of water out of them, this allowed me spare water to create more boiled eggs.


Game was very generous in giving me an AK out of a supply box, 2 Tier 2 pick axes, and a Tier 1 steel pick axe, it was a total god send.


Found rad remover mod and applied to to my Compound Bow, I actually expected feral and radiated zed by day 7.


Found a pop'n'pills near wasteland edge, This gave me so many empty bottles for water and making more boiled eggs.


Since I had an AK I was not as hesitant to deal with wasteland dogs,I was very careful in clearing any/all dogs and zed around it before moving in, all the healing items counter acted me not able to going down the int path (Tier4 ) to pick up Physician to craft first aid bandages. Having an automatic weapon meant I could deal with a sneaky feral or wrath as well, popping it for flinch lock so I can reorient.


Mental note- If you hear zeds attacking, then it goes "Silent" this is BAD meaning they are silently on a direct path straight to you behind you!


Found plenty of resource POI's Harvesting the stone pallets in some of the POI's is an amazing boost for crafting arrows.


Found T2 Iron armor, saved it for 7th day horde for mobility and stamina reasons.


Personal Thoughts about this run


Not sure I agree with dealing with ferals at night 1,(Wasteland) I was able to deal with it but it took way too many arrows and too much time to kill it.


Found out you can't make baked potato without Master Chief 1, a single ingredient recipe shouldn't require it if you ask me, disappointed I had to run to a water source (which was a good run away from my base ) to be able to cook about 30 water bottles.


Harder difficulty feels like it has an influence on enemy procs like stuns and bleeds, it also feels like it influences your illness and food poisoning (and probably infection rate as well ) but I could just have been _Extremely_ unlucky with it.


Exploring- I was about the same cautious wise as I was on standard and warrior difficulty, my subsequent play throughs already educated me enough on what to expect however I was very paranoid about feral zed popping up, which a few did as early as the first night in POI's, not many however.

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