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  1. I have no issues anymore. Either A19 or AMD drivers fixed the issue. (Using a 5700 XT 50th Edition)
  2. Is it normal for the game to use all 8GB of VRAM at ultra? Also the game crashed my PC earlier (most unity games do after some time) and none of my progress was saved at all. Just curious if anyone else has seen this issue. My luck was good. Only 300m from my trader. Although my PC crashed (unity issues sadly with my rig) and had to restart completely even though my save was there.
  3. As the oracle it is my job to watch, so I shall take shelter in the nearest closet.
  4. Of course it is, don't you know that in A19 all pants have become zombified and try to feast on your flesh.
  5. The resident perv has arrived! I am the Oracle and I sense your presence spells the doom of all pantaloons in roughly a 50m radius
  6. @madmole can I become the official 7 Days to Die prophet? It seems that I am an oracle of some sort!
  7. Looks like my dreams are prophetic in nature, thanks MadMole for confirming this!
  8. Exactly, what has kept Skyrim alive for nearly a decade? Mods that were not and will not ever be in the vanilla game itself. 7DTD is going to be a similar story. Thousands of vanilla hours couple with thousands of modded hours. I've still not touched a mod for this game yet with over 900 hours in it.
  9. Apparently 7 Days runs through my veins at this point
  10. Nah, I had a prophetic dream about A17 and A18 too 😂 what’s wrong with me
  11. Okay guys, I literally had a dream about A19 last night. Are you doing some psychic experiments without telling anyone? Cause that was too good of a dream.
  12. I believe you need to post the report in the PC bug forum area (https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...pc-bug-reports) make sure to read through them or search key words in order to make sure you're not posting a known bug
  13. Snowydeath11 900 Hours Alpha 6? (A patch or two before the blockiness was removed) Snowydeath11#1939 English
  14. A new metal roof is what you're asking for right? I believe you can paint any block already, unless you can't paint them colors (i.e red, green, blau). IF this is the case I'd love to see a new dark red metal roof and colors!
  15. Sounds like a plan, LOVE all the new artwork being released so far. I honestly can't wait for the update! Well I can and I will but I'm hyped for the art!
  16. Jesus christ dude, if it takes that long you need better hardware or an SSD. at MOST it takes 20 minutes to generate for me.
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