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ItemIcons ? is it possible to use/call vanilla bits to make Rebar icons?


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Just made a bitty mod to add in 5 more rebar frames. Couldn't figure out how to make their icons look like rebar.


Wondering if it's possible to call a shape & then apply a mesh so icons would look like the vanilla rebar blocks?


Wound up just doing this;


<property name="CustomIcon" value="rConcreteQuarter"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="760000"/>


Trying to avoid making new icon .pngs What can I say, I'm lazy that way :D

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If you have the original icon, or you know what to change, there are two ways. The first if it is already in the game you would have to look for the line or the object itself and where "property name" or "block name" of that item take it and paste it in the following line

<property name = "CustomIcon" value = "name.of.item "/>


And the second is to create the item 116x80 and preferable in png with transparent background and paste in value the name as such of the created item that has to be in the ItemsIcons folder. It's not complicated.

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