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  1. Wow it's amazing. I love this would be the style that I would like to use in my game of course. It is simple and pretty. I still fight with the creation of a hud that I like. Thank you very much for your effort and creativity. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen.
  2. In spain is now 19:03 `Released to kraken`
  3. Darkaft

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    Here, for the moment, I am finished two more and when I add them, I will update them, but at the moment, doors and some blocks, and the barrels work for time instead of so much ingredient. In two languages DK-KS-Doors-blocks-and-others-A17
  4. You have also won me to put the old lights and some more stuff. Good work
  5. Thank you very much, it's good to know.
  6. I love your mod and it really is a great job, finally there are more fps more stable and less lagge in certain areas. The only thing I do not know is that it is a fault when installing it or that is how the trees smash them with a blow with the ax, as if they had no life and give me the wood what would be the end when you fell to the tree. Is it normal?
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