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Primitive PvP Mod


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Thinking about doing a Primitive PvP Mod... basically, you have to make the stuff you want to use, no more magic points, everyone is equal, a lot more "scrapability" in the world, multiple methods of making recipes, and of course, new items.


Did a Proof of Concept for a Smoke Torch (would require say, a wood shaft, some cloth, and pine resin):






This would be an entirely new PvP System. LCB's, gone. Concrete Super Fortresses, gone. Encumbrance, done right.


Stop Sign chest armor (if I can figure out how). Phone book padding. Spears, basic traps, crappy explosives... everything you'd expect a normal human COULD make in an uncivilized world...

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It'll work, it's just particles. Nothing fancy.


Yeh I'm pretty flaky when it comes to big mods... a lot of started but never finished projects, like my dust2_de CS prefab I made for A15, and I was working on using the vending machine system to simulate the "buys" at the start of each round...


...but this one is something I want to do, so I might actually get through it. =)

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