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ArgumentException: Arg_InsufficientSpace?/ How do we fix this?


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Hard drive filling up?

Run out of RAM?

Using any mods?


Not even close on Hard Drive or Ram, over 585Gbs free on the 6TB drive it is installed on. 40 TBs of space between all drives, 128 GBs of ram i7-6950X Xtreme Edition CPU .

Mods, Allocs Server Fixes and BC


Seems to happen when shutting down and having to restart the PC/System even with a clean shutdown on the Dedicated Server, but I have also noticed it happen on SP as well when I am testing prefabs and after a few of those, I restart 7DTD fresh and I will get that same error. Somehow related to the main.ttw file (file sizes range from 335kb to sometimes 1MB in size when I get the error.) If I remove the main.ttw and restart the game it is fine but its back to day 1 again.


My only concern is that, on my Dedicated server if and when this does happen - What are my players or myself losing when this happens besides the day 1 reset? Inventory and items seem to be fine so far.

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Check folder permissions, and make certain that the folders are fully excluded from AV software. Sounds like maybe something is locking your main.ttp file.


Just changed it to make sure it's excluded just incase. Guess we shall see if it pops up again or not. Changed folder permissions to Everyone Full Access on that folder as well.

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